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Monolaurin and cracking lips?

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So I decided to start monolaurin since I’m a huge fan of coconut oil and lauric acid anyway, and now that I’ve upped the dosage to 1 full scoop 3 times a day, I’ve noticed what at first I feared were cold sores on my lips but now it just looks like the burn you get when going to fast with Retin A products…has anyone else had this happen? Of course I can reduce the dosage, I’m a nurse and I already know that, this was just a really unexpected response to the supplement!

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Hey @Phoenix08! It sounds like you're having a reaction to monolaurin, similar to how skin might react to too much Retin A. It’s not uncommon to see some irritation as your body adjusts to a new supplement, especially at higher doses. Others have sometimes reported similar skin reactions when starting new supplements, so you're not alone! It's always smart to listen to your body and scale back if something feels off.

This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thanks @mr_hopp! While I use supplements regularly and have had fatigue or diarrhea or whatever as a side effect, I’ve never had this before except from topical Retin A use. Matter of fact, the headaches and body stiffness of recent I can attribute directly to incidents at work and not monolaurin, so when I noticed irritation on my face near my lip I thought “OMG did this shit just find a new location?!” I was already shocked at the second outbreak with absolutely zero warning signs beforehand, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if this mess decided to show up orally too.

I think I’ll cut back on the monolaurin dosage for a while and increase my MSM dosage to heal this skin issue. Got butaminnE cream and a layer of Vaseline on it to heal/soothe it.

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Soooooo…I cut back, it continued to worsen, and at one point I even began to wonder if it was something as serious as cancer. I stopped using it entirely for a few weeks, and my face healed! I added it back in, lips started peeling again…it’s the craziest thing and I cannot find a darned thing online for this as a side effect! Not that I wish this on anyone, but if they run across this weird side effect, I hope they find this thread (herpes infected or not) and get some relief.

Oh, and I do not have any food allergies, and use virgin unrefined coconut oil A LOT. So I have no idea why my body is doing this.

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