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Question about herpes professional counseling

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What would be the right type of counselor to look for when dealing with Herpes? I need to get some guidance in a one to one level. My health plan covers these visits but I tried one and the guy was just bellow the level of help I needed. Thanks

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Hi Sen....maybe contact your local STI clinic and ask them. I think it needs to be someone who knows what its like - you can't talk the talk til you've walked the walk... finding a counsellor for anything is trial and error I think. Good luck..and in the meantime fire away with anything on here. I have found it better than counselling - we are all going through it and you can say what you like!

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Thanks lelani, Agreed. Actually I have spoken to one professional that was said to deal with sexual issues and he told me that he has worked with H patients before. I know it's a trial and error and that might don't work much at all but I'm giving him a try next week.. I'll let you know how it went. He was referred by the Health Plan as someone that deal with sexual issues.

I'm still too depressed since my dx a month and a half ago..I can't seem to keep my mind straight, the feelings of guilt and despair looms over, besides the left overs from whatever was my outbreak are still here..ie: small bumps and burning sensation, I'm not big on the chemicals but I'm taking some meds for now. Hopefully it will quiet down soon.. :(

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Oh Sen..it will quiet down. It's so early for you and when I think back to the same time for me I was an emotional wreck. I had OB's for about 5 months constantly and thought my life was over in terms of feeling well and normal again. Now I do...OB's just stopped one day, like my body had it finally sussed and knew what to do with it. I like to think of the virus sleeping and if I treat myself right it won't wake up too often, if ever I hope.


Hang in there and get as healthy as you can be. Its tough changing your thinking but every day find things to be grateful for, change your negative thoughts into positive ones (even if it feels wierd and isn't working - keep doing it!). Life isn't over and H will be a part of it, as big as you make it. I still have sad times but not so bad and they pass...just like any other issue in my life that makes it more challenging.


Yeah let me know how it goes. :-)

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Thanks for your words lelani. You have a way of improving thoughts and relating your own experiences so people would absorb it. I really taken to hearth what you just said. I'll definitely keep in touch with you.

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I hear you, sen. And Lelani does have a great way about her, doesn't she? :) I offer coaching services if you are interested. Private message me if you'd like to explore that.


I will also be doing a Herpes Opportunity weekend workshop in North Carolina (tentatively planned for October 2012). It's going to be a powerful and supportive environment for you to shift your relationship to herpes and yourself in a positive way. I'm super excited and inspired to be putting this on. Would you be interested in getting more info on that?


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