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So bodily fluids don't spread genital herpes, nor herpes at all?

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I have been reading online, two females cant spread genitals herpes by grinding because bodily fluids doesn't carry the disease http://www.healthcentral.com/genital-herpes/c/question/83158/38474


What is viral shredding I still don't understand where is the shedding coming from?


So okay I got herpes symptoms I grind, vaginas with the female I have sex with shes not at any risk right? because I know I got herpes, I believe it came from her, she has a boyfriend, well a few, and a few girlfriends.


she disclosed how she studied about herpes she knew more about it than me, but shes never been tested

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That's a little misleading. From the thread you linked, the person who wrote that in a comment meant that "bodily fluids do not carry the [HSV] virus" in the way that HIV can be transferred through blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk. HOWEVER because HSV is spread through skin-to-skin contact, and mucous membranes such as those that exist in and around the genitalia create a more supportive environment for viral transmission, it IS possible for one female to transmit HSV to another "through" vaginal fluid by grinding.


You've made several posts about this already so I know this is something you're really concerned about - but just because it is possible for you to have gotten herpes from this person doesn't mean that you did. Your blood test results are inconclusive, and although they don't rule out HSV, they should lead you to consider other possible causes for your symptoms.


she disclosed how she studied about herpes she knew more about it than me, but shes never been tested


Saying she has studied herpes is not the same thing as disclosing herpes, and knowing more about it than you do means nothing if she has never been tested. Honestly, one way to set your mind at ease about whether or not it could be HSV-1 or -2 is to ask your partner to just get tested already. I know you've said she'd "never see a doctor" but if you are this conflicted about the possibility of this being herpes she should care enough to not only consider your feelings but also take care of herself and her other partners that she may be unknowingly exposing.


Viral shedding just means that the virus, which lives in the sensory nerves that help that part of your skin feel touch, heat, pain, etc, is making its way to your skin and can be transmitted through contact. Shedding usually refers to when the viral DNA is replicating at a low enough level to be asymptomatic (meaning that you wouldn't see genital sores), but at a high enough level to transmit to another person.


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Viral shedding is the virus's attempt to replicate and get to another body - an outbreak is basically a mega-shedding event...but you can be shedding at any time. An outbreak means you have a LOT of virus shedding... asymptomatic shedding (ie, without symptoms) will usually mean you are not shedding a lot of virus BUT, if your partner comes in contact with the area that is shedding with her genitals and the area has thin or broken skin (which can occur from vigorous sex, shaving, or ingrown hairs, etc), there is still a chance they will contract the Herpes. Bodily fluids like blood do not carry the virus BUT, the fluids around the genital region make for the perfect warm, moist environment to help the virus percolate and transfer from one person to another. So if you grind and your vaginas are in contact, and one of you is shedding, you could transfer it to the other partner.


Between outbreaks, the virus hides up in the nerve ganglion (see image here http://img.medscape.com/article/745/104/Slide19.png) near the spine. When you have an outbreak the virus travels back from the ganglion to the surface of the skin...if you have a small amount that travel to the skin, you may just get the itching and burning - if a lot get there, you get the blisters. Either way, you could be shedding at any time... so yes, you CAN pass the virus when you are grinding vaginas...

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