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Scrolling through my FB feed... && The remark someone made.

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I was just going through my facebook feed and I was looking through the statuses like normal, and I come across this post on there from this girl that I know, and it says...


"STD's are not cute, quit sluing around and it's gross."


Wow. That was uncalled for. Especially to post on your facebook feed. You know? I was naive before also, then I learned a thing or two. I learned that it is not the way to be. Who is to say that I am a whore or anyone is a whore for that matter.. ?

Here we go back to the stigma of this. People make STD's out to be something far more than what they are. It makes me think about how childish I was at one point.


I messaged this girl & I told her the facts. It could be your first time and you can get an STD. I asked her when was the last time she has been tested she said a year ago. I told her that Herpes test is not included in a regular STD check and that most people have it. I told her to stop being ignorant and stop posting stuff like that, because there are people out there that are struggling with stuff like this and it is not something to be rude to someone about. She called me a slut and she blocked me. Needless to say she is apart of why this stigma is so bad..


It kind of stung for a minute, because I was thinking about that battle in my head that part of me that kept saying " Your a dirty whore... You are a stupid slut." Finally coming to terms with it, knowing that I am not dirty... Knowing that it happens. It is not something we can change.. That doesn't make us any less of people. That doesn't make us sluts.. That doesn't make us bad.. Am I gross ? Are we gross, because we aren't we are people, we are only human.... && there are a lot of things that are not in our power.


I just kept saying this is not something to make a stupid joke about, this is for life.. and there are a lot of people out there that are hurting.. People who haven't accepted it.

How do you think 1 out of every 5 people who saw that feels ?

This is not funny and we need to make a change..

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I want you to look up in the sky and see that big hand that's reaching out from across the ocean to give you the biggest high five you've ever seen!


I'm not one to casually swear in polite conversation, but G-damn! You go girl!


We've all made comments like your friend. Most of us were in middle school, high school, or even college when we did it. Those were the days when life was black and white, and things like STD's were "dirty" and "evil" and only sluts, ho's, jocks, and studs got them. Most of those taunts, insults, and jokes were born out of ignorance and fear.


Then we got older. We realized life is more of a gray than a black and white. Most of the people I know with herpes or any other STD's got them while being careful or by being with someone they cared about. I've never had unprotected sex, always been careful with what I did and with whom, and well, here I am. Here you are. Here we all are. Same boat regardless of how we got here.


And Victoria, if I had a nickel for the number of "friends" and family who have blocked me on Facebook for one reason or another, well, let's just say I'd be a wealthy man. Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes people need to hear it even if it upsets them. Consider getting blocked on FB a badge of honor and wear it proudly because you stood up for something that was genuinely worth standing up for. There's one person that's upset at you; there's 60 million that are giving you a loud round of applause right now. Winning!

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I know, and I feel good that I did. I stood up not just for myself, but for the other people that could possibly be reading this also that have an STD..


I mean like I always said.. I knew my mom had an STD and some of my friends had STD's but I had a fear of them. I wasn't the safest girl in the world & I was a bit promiscuous, but that doesn't mean I am gross, and that doesn't mean that I got it when I wasn't safe or when I was. I don't know how, but that doesn't DEFINE me. Or you for that matter, because out of ignorance we make these stupid remarks that could hurt a lot of people.. I see myself crying a little bit over here, because you know I may have been able to help some people, but the wound is still fresh, and the little things like this you know hurt.. Not because it makes me feel gross, but because she is so ignorant or maybe fearful to say something like this. I am crying a little bit, because people really feel that way.. && the stigma is soo horrible.


I don't care that she blocked me. I already made a statement that my new years resolution was to get rid of people that obviously don't deserve to be in my life..

I am glad that I know I am not dirty. I know I am a good person. I know that I have way big and better things that Herpes ahead of me.


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Big hug.


Victoria, I don't know you that well, and I don't know how many men you've slept with. It doesn't matter and I don't think any of us in this forum really care. Everyone has a past, short or long, it's the past. What I see in what you write is a strong woman with a brilliant future. You're an angel to the people reading this forum and you should focus on their accolades and not the ignorance of a friend. If you must cry, make them tears of joy for you are accomplishing more than you know or realize at this point.


Yeah, the stigma sucks. It hurts bad sometimes. It's had me in a funk for a few days, that's for sure. But, you did something today that makes you a genuine hero. You stood up to it. You stood up to a friend which is even harder to do. You earned a Purple "H" for your efforts. That's something all of us are going to have to do in the coming years.


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Hallelujah and Praise the Lord/Universe/or whatever you believe in! YOU GO GIRL!


Consider getting blocked on FB a badge of honor and wear it proudly because you stood up for something that was genuinely worth standing up for. AMEN Herry!!!


It's a proven fact that the people you surround yourself with are the ones who shape who you are and how you act in the world. That girl doesn't need to be in your life but I can BET she will be one of the ones who Karma will eventually kick in the arse one way or another. Because she is sooo self assured that she knows it all... and I bet she blocked you because you SCARED her and she didn't like it. She doesn't understand that


"The truth can set you free...but sometimes it will really piss you off first!


Yes - Today's "Purple H" goes to you my dear! (((HUGS)))

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