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Had sex and now possibly herpes outbreaks, have cuts :(

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When I got herpes when I lost my virginity I had the outbreaks to prove. I also had a few little cuts down there too, kinda like paper cuts. Now 2 years later me and my current bf have had sex about 4 times. Only for maybe 30 minutes or so at a time but hey we gotta start somewhere right :) the last time we done it was Sunday and now I have one little cut again. It's a little more than a paper cut compared to size and depth. I haven't seen any blisters anywhere and I'm hoping I won't. Am I in the clear? Is the cuts signs of outbreaks?? Anybody else have this? Can I make it heal quicker or do I need to take Acyclovir too? I'm kinda thinking that I just tore because I haven't had sex in a couple years. But as always any information is helpful. Thank you friends :)

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Hi Someone,


Yes, outbreaks can appear as paper like cuts. Outbreaks are different for everyone, and they can change over the years.


You need to have a blood test to confirm HSV1 or HSV2. There is no way to look at it and determine if it is herpes or not; the only way to do that is with a blood test.


I hope you disclosed to your boyfriend that you believe you have herpes before you had sex. That's important and the right thing to do. It's also important for anyone who is sexually active to have regular STD testing, and remember, you have to ask for HSV1 and HSV2 to be included as they are not part of the standard STD panel.


That said, sex can trigger outbreaks. You need to be sure to use plenty of lube and I'd advise going slow until your body is used to your partner and you know how not to trigger outbreaks.


As far as needing to take Acyclovir, well, you can if you have herpes, but again, you've said nothing that confirms that. Thus, it would be a good idea for you to visit your gynecologist, get your tests, and then proceed based on those results.

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I had sex 2 years ago, got blisters everywhere, went to dr and she looked at me and told me I have HSV. I assumed it was hsv-2. I don't remember her swabbing the blisters but she done blood work but I don't remember if she actually told me the results from blood work. Yes I told my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and he's okay with it and loves me just the same :)

Does the dr specifically have to test the cut or just do normal blood work from my arm? I have an appointment at the end of February.

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Well, I also went in like three days after my first bump, this is why my doctor said my bloodwork was negative, I just hadn't built up enough antibodies to show up. If you have broken out before, chances are your bloodwork would for sure be positive now. You can call and ask if they will see you sooner so you can get a more accurate answer, or just wait until your appointment and just do bloodwork. If you have broken out before chances are your bloodwork will reveal the answer at this point.

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A swab is best in the early days of an infection because your body hasn't built up the antibodies to sufficient levels yet. As a result, it's possible to receive a false negative if you take a blood test within 4 months of exposure. After 4 months the blood tests are considered 100%.


I'd be surprised if your doctor did a visual inspection and didn't confirm it with a swab and a blood test. It's of course possible, but again, I'd be surprised. You can of course call the doctors office and ask for a copy of your record if you can't remember. In any event, you should determine whether it's HSV1 or 2, and the only way to do that is to have an antibody test because you cannot determine that visually. Since you are going in in February, make sure they run the test. At this point, it will be 100% accurate.


You will also want your boyfriend to get tested now. If he is negative, you will want to talk with your doctor about going on suppressive therapy and taking steps to minimize the transmission risk. Good to hear he loves you and you can show him that you love him back by taking steps to protect him.



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Good for you for using lube! It helps. If two years ago you had a true outbreak then yes, but since you never really got confirmed results... call and find out those previous results if you can. Since you never got confirmed results last time, I would try to get in. But if the two years ago incident was a true outbreak, then yes bloodwork will be positive in February.

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I don't want to sound overreacting but I want to be for sure you know? The first time I went to the dr when I had the blisters (2 yrs ago) it was like a week or 2 after I had sex. So the blood work would have most probably been innacurrate anyways. I just want to know for sure which type I have so I can treat it properly and let my boyfriend know for certain.

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I'd be surprised if your doctor did a visual inspection and didn't confirm it with a swab and a blood test.


I'm not surprised. MANY doctors...especially Family Doctors.. are sooo far out of the loop they think it's ok to just do a "visual diagnosis". From the sound of it someone_20 was never confirmed with a blood test or swab.... so she doesn't REALLY know her true status. DRIVES ME NUTS that this comes up here time and again. I get it that they have a lot to keep track of but some are 20 years behind the times in their Herpes protocols :(




My advice is to go to Planned Parenthood or an STD clinic (there are TONS of them out there now...just google that and your home town and they should come up) or your OBGYN and get in NOW while you have the sore. The doctors in those clinics are very well educated in the latest thinking on Herpes and will get you properly tested. And get your BF to them too - get BOTH of you completely tested for everything.... if you can go together then you can ask about supressive therapy and other ways to protect him. And they can generally get you in faster than your Dr will.



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Just called my dr and she can see me Friday. Idk if she's gonna swab the cut or do blood work. I'll ask for both just in case. But I'm assuming either one would be correct. I talked to the nurse and told her I didn't know if I was diagnosed properly a couple years ago and told her about the cut I have. I told her I had sex recently and now I have a cut and I heard that it could be an outbreak. She asked me is it a cut or a tear? I don't know the difference between a cut and a tear! Can she test me for HSV, HPV, Chlamidia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HIV at one time? I don't think I left any out haha.


(((HUGS BACK!!))) @WCSDancer2010

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Yes. Ask specfically for herpes first and foremost. Ask for a swab and bloodwork. Both. Then ask for a full STI panel. That will cover your basic STIs. HIV, syphillis, and a couple others I think are done by bloodwork so make sure to ask for a blood test on those. Basically, tell them you want to be tested for every possible sexually transmitted disease out there if you want to know everything. A pap will determine HPV. So yes, you can get tested for all at one time, but there is different means to test different diseases. Some are determined by blood, some by a simple pap smear, and some from this spoon looking thing that he scraps your hoo ha with (it doesn't hurt, just feels a little weird, this is what he does for my STI panel).


My suggestion: go in, say "I want to get a swab culture (as long as you still have cuts) and bloodwork ran for herpes HSV1 and HSV2. I want a pap smear done for HPV. I also want to get tested for all other sti's and std's including HIV, Syphillis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trich, Bacterial vaginosis, etc. What ever test is necessary, I need to be tested to be sure that I am not positive for any other type of std or sti. If I need bloodwork ran or a special type of vaginal screening done to make sure I am not positive for any std or sti that is what I want done." ....By the way, there is a lot of things they test for when I have an STI panel done that I have never even freaking heard of.


I have heard people say, "My pap came back normal, so I am clean." NO NO NO. A pap smear does not test for all STD's or STI's. Bloodwork and the STI spoon test (as I call it) is required for many of the diseases out there to show a positive result.


I don't know how your state works, but in my state, I tell my doctor I am having some abnormal discharge that way insurance covers all of my tests. In my state, I need a reason to be tested, so I always say I am having some discomfort and discharge that is abnormal.

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Before H I was a super STD and STI freak. Got tested even if I hadn't done anything with anyone. So, when I go, I just start naming stuff and say I want this this this and this done. He usually does my STI panel, a pap, and bloodwork. This covers all my bases. Then I would specifically list certain things to make sure they were included in the test. I would say, and so this will test for HIV, Herpes, Syphillis, etc. Kind of like I said...just name stuff and make sure he/she is testing you for it.

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Woo! That is alot. But thanks I will be sure to ask to get tested for every possible thing known to man now. Hopefully we'll get it all taking care of. I have insurance too. I was supposed to start my period sometime this week and I thought it was today but it's just being dumb today haha so idk about getting the pap Friday. Can blood work be done for the majority of STDs/STIs, besides HPV? Or do you not know?

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That...I do not know. I just conveyed what I usually do. I hate how the period likes to interrupt things...but I am unsure about if bloodwork can be done for all of them. You can ask that when you go. I would be curious to know the answer to that. Just make sure you specifically state the herpes issue because normal std screenings don't test for it. You have to ask for it. Since herpes is the big concern at the moment make sure they do that part at least. Hope I helped.

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A pap will determine HPV.


Going to correct you here... Pap smear is only about 60% accurate...there is a separate test for HPV if you want an accurate diagnosis..


Chlamydia is a urine test


HIV may be blood or they may do a scrape on the inside of your mouth.


Mayo Clinic site is really really good because they also give you alternative treatment ideas and other info :)

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