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Herpes on the buttocks!

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Around 2011, my then lover bit me on the bottom and infected me with HSV2! I still don't quite understand why I got HSV2 that way? Is HSV2 then in the saliva through a sore? I presume that's what happened (I already knew he got HSV2 outbreaks on his penis). I had a couple of outbreaks on my buttock after that - very painful! My question is, with my outbreaks being on my buttock, is there any point to using condoms, as they don't cover that area? Also, I haven't had any outbreaks since, does that mean I'm shedding less or could I still be shedding lots?? I haven't dared tell my current lover- I know it's wrong, so I've bought some condoms, but I'm thinking will they work! Love and hugs to everyone. I thought I'd accepted this disease, but reading up on asymptomatic shedding has made me all anxious again : ( x

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Are you sure you have HSV2 and not HSV1? The only way to know is to have a blood test. At this point your test will be 100% accurate. It would be important for you to do that to know for sure.


Yes, condoms are a must. Your outbreaks may be on your buttocks, but the virus is still floating around your entire genital area and you could be shedding anywhere in that area. Condoms will help reduce the risk, but to truly reduce it you'll need to go on suppressive therapy if your current lover is negative. Avoiding sex while you are shedding or having an OB, using condoms, and going on therapy will reduce the risk to between 1-2%.


Haven't dared tell your current lover? If you've already slept with him, you've dared with far more than just a disclosure. You've dared with his health and that's beyond uncool. There are resources on this page for disclosure help and that is something you need to do ASAP.

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I love your name by the way, my daughter is always saying HerpDerp and I feel like shouting Stop it! Ok, I've bought some mint condoms, so hopefully that'll cheer things up a bit. Is there a standard medicine in the UK- just Acyclovir?

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I'm guessing if your BF bit you and broke skin, that at some point fluids from your sexual play got on to the open area and that's how you got the HSV2 there.


The good thing is, it sounds like you have it in a less "usual" area so it may have settled down but you could still be shedding. So use all precautions that you can..


And honey, straight talk here. It's not fair to him to not tell him about your situation. You knew about your lover's situation and you took the risk and got unlucky ... at least you can take responsibility for that. But it's not fair to someone to expose them to the risk, however small it may be, without them knowing it. Given your situation, I would say that their risk is smaller than most, but there is a risk nonetheless.


In life, there is risk in everything we do. If you have a guy who is uncertain, point out to him that he risks his life when he gets in a car...but by wearing seat belts, etc we reduce that risk and this is the same thing. You can take antivirals and not have sex during an OB ... given where you say the OB's are, I'm not sure condoms would help BUT you should use them until you SEE his STD results (and he sees yours) for everything that you can get tested for for YOUR safety. Most people on here accepted someone's WORD that they were STD-free. Unfortunately, even responsible people are poorly informed and often believe they were tested for something when in fact they have never been tested.... you have to look out after YOUR sexual health and that is the best way to reduce YOUR risk for other STD's....



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I know. I was wrong, I have been in denial for too long. I read up recently on asymptomatic shedding being the whole vaginal/anal area aswell. The man that infected me told me it was fine to have unprotected sex when there were no lesions! I was in Love with him though, and when i give my heart I am daft as a brush. Hindsight is always a good teacher.

Hopefully it has made me more thoughtful about sex though; I only choose someone really special to me now. I also found faith (I won't expand on that, as it's very personal..I just found peace of mind through prayer after feeling depressed). I finally woke up and saw monogamy as the way forward. It does teach us something, this Herp Derp business!

I am honoured to have met the "Mama" of the forum. x


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