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HSV2 on the mouth!

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I reckon I may have HSV2 on my mouth :/I get little cold sores under my lips at the same time as my thigh outbreaks. Either that or my lovely lover gave me HSV1 and HSV2!! I am so aware of my body now more than ever. In the Uk you can't get a blood test, so i may have to order one from the herpes charity who then send one out to you and you have to get someone to take your blood!

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Please clarify... under your lip on the outside or the inside?


It is totally possible you had HSV1 all along by the way and this just brought it out....


It's doubtful you have HSV2 in both places... not impossible, but unlikely because HSV2 really, really doesn't like the oral area . Less that 1% of all herpes cases are Oral HSV2

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I am worrying as roundabout the time I could have been infected with HSV2 (before I got the big rash on my buttock that was swabbed and came back HSV2), I had had sexual relations with a man who accused me of giving him a cold sore on his mouth! He said he'd never had one before. Could I have given him oral HSV2? I can't stop thinking about it. Is it likely that I gave him it?

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I am sure you have read these stat's 50 times on here, but just so you realize that they

CAN apply to you


60% of people have HSV1 oral by the time they are young adult - 80% of people have it by age 50.... 80% of them don't know they have it.


Could you have given him HSV1 oral...yes. Might he have given it to you? Yes. You will never know who had it first at this point and its a moot point now...unless he was blood tested for Herpes before you met, he was just as likely to have been the carrier.


Did you give him Oral HSV2... very, very, VERY unlikely...oral HSV2 usually has one OB and then usually goes quiet....AGAIN, only 1% of oral herpes is HSV2. But you (or he) could have had a "cold sore" as a child and never been told and carried it all this time.


Either way, you can't change it and you won't know who is "responsible". So learn from this and move on....



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