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New to this and need advice/ feedback

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Hello. My name is Katie. I was diagnosed with type 2 on Monday, which was devastating to me. It was actually me and my bf's anniversary. I'm guessing I got it from him, since his ex was easy to say the least and cheated on him all the time. Anyways, good news is that he is ok with it and he is staying. However, I'm still struggling everyday, cry everyday, having anxiety attacks everyday. My first outbreak started on Sunday the 9th and I still have it. Its not so bad now that I have medicine but when will it ease up all the way? I have a 3yr old (well will be next month) Can I still kiss her or share drinks with her, without her getting the virus? Can I share drinks with people period? How many outbreaks does a person usually get? Does it ever get easier? I just hate knowing that this is something that I will have to deal with all my life, even when I'm an old lady..... How do I not feel embarrassed? I'm sure I will even have more questions later as well. I'm a very anxious person and always have tons of questions. My doctor said that my primary outbreak was not bad at all... maybe 4- 9 sores. Is that a good thing? Will the other outbreaks have less sores and less pain?

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Hello and Welcome!


I'm actually on a business trip so I will keep this brief.. but now, you can't give it to your child by kissing or to anyone sharing drinks - Wherever you have it is where it stays, so if you have genital HSV2, it will only shed in that area. BUT, if you ever had a cold sore, that is HSV1 and you could give that to her with kissing. That said, 60% of youth have HSV1 oral by the time they are young adults and 80% of the population has it by the time they are in their 50's.


How many OB's? Can't tell you that. Some never have an OB. Some have them every week for a year. Most fall somewhere in between that.. maybe 1-3 OBs in the first few months eventually tapering to 3-4 a year after that. I've had it 35 years and I can't remember my last OB...it cut way back after I hit menopause.


Right now your best bet is to check out the FAQ section



and the disclosure handouts






Disclosure e-book:




Spend a few days reading through that and reading posts on here, then come back with any questions you have.


(((HUGS))) my friend... you'll be fine. I promise :)

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Thank you so much. Yeah I have HSV2. I saw in another discussion that you are a massage therapist. Well so am I. But I have yet to massage anyone while in an outbreak except my boyfriends back. And at that time I did not know I was having an OB, just thought I cut myself shaving. So I ask, how is it massaging during an OB? Do you take off work for the first few days or just fight through it? I really pray that I am not the type that gets many OBs. Supposedly, my gyn said my initial OB was not bad at all. I feel like it is taking forever to heal though. I started to feel the pain two weeks ago and I still feel pain!!! Its getting better to urinate, but not the other one (sorry about being tmi) Ugh I cannot wait until its over and I really hope I'm a lucky one that doesn't get any more of them or just rarely.

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Uh... nooooooo....


You have HSV2 on your genitals. Not on your hands/arm as long as you wash your hands properly before treatment (which you should do anyway)....you understand how nerves serve different dermatomes, right??? The HSV2 virus will be hanging in the sacral nerve ganglion when it goes quiet... it doesn't spread in the blood or on the skin. Even within the dermatome it will generally stay in the cluster of ganglion associated with the actual area that you have your first OB....you may get symptoms like itching or tingling elsewhere but the actual OB's will normally be in the same place each time once you get past the first few times.


And really honey... you must experience people who come in with a muscle sprain and are complaining that they will never, ever be normal again and you know well that it's mostly just a matter of time and patience. You have had this 2 weeks. Most people will have symptoms and OB for several months on and off...then hopefully you will only get a couple a year... if you take care of your health and mental wellness they should be fewer so use H and your health and wellness barometer....



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Hang in there havefaith427, it will get easier. Over the years, I have found that my OBs are mostly triggered by stress--that can be from lack of sleep, work deadlines, breakups, that time of the month, too much alcohol, and even sunburns. What's more, the stress I feel about having an OB only exacerbates the suffering and prolongs the healing time, so I try my best to take care of myself at all times, (I even gave up caffeine which seemed to help). I hope my experience will help you a little bit.

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I think I am getting yet another OB... Doesn't seem too bad but its still enough.... I just finished up my initial one... I guess I was stressing having herpes so much that it is causing me to get another OB. My doctor said to take my suppressant twice a day but two pills twice a day.

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(((HUGS))) @havefaith427


Just try to realize that it WILL get better over time. You are still very new in your initial infection/OB's so just realize that you have to give your body time to learn how to deal with it.


As a Massage Therapist you will see people every day who have injuries that you know will take time to heal, and that they may have setbacks along the way. This is no different. Be patient with yourself and your body and do what you can to support it in healing.



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