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What's a typical first herpes outbreak like?

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I'm curious about what a typical first time outbreak is like. My doctor mentioned that mine wasn't "normal" but in the shock of being told I have herpes I didn't ask what she meant. I have several open sores. Is that normal? Or do you typically only get one or two? This is all so confusing.

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There is no "typical" first OB. Doctors/scientists have a need for "exact results" and "norms", but to be honest, the more I know and the more I read of everyone's experiences, there is no real "normal" first OB. Doctors are taught to look for blisters, flu symptoms, tingling, swollen lymph glands, etc (ie, their idea of "normal") but Herpes is a slippery devil that affects people differently.


The bottom line is some people have horrendous OB's with lots of blisters, tingling, burning, flu etc. At the other end of the spectrum many people never have one single OB and don't know they have it unless they get tested. And in between are all the variants of those two extremes.....


If you have several open sores, I would say that is somewhat "typical".... so I have no idea why she wouldn't think that was "typical".


Either way, it really doesn't matter what is typical and what isn't. You have it. You will go through an adjustment period while you learn how to live with Herpes. And in the end it wont matter what your first OB was like.... so don't waste your energy worrying about whether you are "normal"..... ;)



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