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Almost two years since diagnosed with HSV2 and I feel discouraged...

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I am nearing my two year anniversary since my diagnosis. I acquired the herpes virus from my then husband, who was not aware he had it. He has lived for an unknown number of years being positive for both hsv1 and hsv2, and he has no symptoms...at all. Me, on the other hand, well I have symptoms almost constantly. It has taken a true toll on me, and though I now know my prodromal symptoms, it is not making me feel any better or that I have any better a handle on this virus.


Things I have learned in the last two years is that each and every one of my menstrual cycles brings on an ob. Every single one. I also have small ob's in between my periods during some months. I have begun to have a heavy amount of watery discharge. I am one who chooses to not use the antiviral medications, because when I was first diagnosed I began taking acyclovir, and it made me feel nutty. Like dizzy, and off balance, and generally ill the entire time. So, I stopped using it, and have not been on any meds since the first month post diagnosis. Sex brings on an ob. Any kind of friction causes one to begin. I also have incredibly sensitive places on the front of my thighs when an ob is coming on. Like the lightest and sheerest of clothing on my skin causes extreme pain and sensitivity. I get the pain that runs deep from inside my butt muscle and runs down my thigh. Some ob's come with blisters, and some don't. However, I think the thing that is bothering me the most is the constant discharge.


I have a few friends who also have hsv, and they keep telling me that with time it gets better and that ob's and symptoms ease up. However, after two years, I'm just not seeing the brighter side to all of it. I still have anger, and I still hold resentment...even though I know I shouldn't. Knowing that my ex-husband does not have to suffer through outbreaks and horrible nerve pain, well, it just makes me frustrated.


I read everything I can find on hsv. I recently read something about people who have had the hsv1 virus for most of their lives do not react so negatively to an hsv2 infection, since their body has some familiarity with the virus. For me, this is not true. I have always had hsv1 since being a child because both of my parents get bad cold sores. I myself have never had a cold sore, but hsv1 has always been in my body. I would say that this bit of information just doesn't apply to me or my personal experience. My initial outbreak was HORRIBLE, and I continue to get them so often.


I would love to hear from anyone who suffers through the same things that I am dealing with. It is good to have someone to bounce things off of, and to talk to, and who understands how you feel. It also puts my mind at ease to know that I am not the only one who is dealing with all of this. I do feel like my mental state over having the virus is fine. I've shared my diagnosis with my closest friends and family, and I am not ashamed of it. I don't fear the stigma attached. So, I do not believe that I have some large amount of mental anguish and worry over it, to the point that that is what is causing my ob's.


Any of your comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my post, and for offering up some words to me. I'm having a hard time the past six months, and I just need to feel that I'm not alone.

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Have to keep this short and I have a client arriving in a minute but my first thought is you need to get the discharge checked out...that is NOT a symptom of HSV. I would get checked out for bacterial issues, Chlamydia, etc... this sounds like you have something else going on in there, which might also account for your body not being able to gain control over it. And don't take "no" from your OBGYN (DON'T go to a family Dr...you need a specialist here) until you get to the bottom of it.


While you are doing that, try L-Lysine, 1000 mg/day to see if that helps...and try an Epsom Salts bath where you dump 4 lg handfulls of the salts right between your legs and soak to let the salts dry it up and will any virus on the skin. That may bring you some relief...


It almost seems as tho your body is "over-fighting" this... do you have any kind of auto-immune thing going on??? Certainly after 2 years, you should be controlling it by now. I really think something else is behind this...



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Hi. I am very much on top of my health, and am one of those people who requests many different tests to be run in order to get to the bottom of things.


I have a great midwife, who helped me birth my last two children, who has been with me from diagnosis. Every time I see her, we do a whole round of blood work. The only thing that has ever been off was my Vitamin D levels, which are usually less than 5...or non-existent. I supplement myself with Vit D, yet I can't seem to bring it up to normal levels.


Recently I found some information on people who have had their gall bladder removed, which I did in 2006. It said that people who lack a gall bladder also lack the ability to absorb fat soluble vitamins such as A, B, and D. Now it all makes sense. My body can not absorb these vitamins, which I believe results in a somewhat weakened immune system. Both my Mom and my Sister have thyroid disease, which I ALWAYS have run in my blood work and it always falls within normal ranges. I read through a huge bunch on info on autoimmune diseases, and I don't have any symptoms of any of them, and I've never had funky blood work with reference to blood cell counts, etc.


About five years ago I remember being extremely ill with Epstein Barr Virus, which is a form of herpes, right? I had chicken pox as a child, so I know I carry that herpes form in my body. I also have hsv1 because my parents passed this on when I was a child with all their kissing and loving on me, as does my younger sister. However, she gets cold sores and I never have.


I spent some time talking with a friend today who also have both hsv1 and hsv2 in her body, and she told me that whenever she being her prodrome symptoms, she gets the same type of discharge. And, maybe I am exaggerating a bit when I say constant. But, it is bothersome and uncomfortable to say the least.


I am getting ready to go in for my annual exam, and perhaps there are further tests I should ask my midwife to run on me? But if I had lupus or MS or any of those things, I would surely have some symptoms??


Also know that I have a high stress life. I am mother to two young boys who literally do nothing but fight, punch, kick, break, scream, cry, and carry on every waking moment. This is not an exaggeration. My life is me yelling and refereeing all day long. It makes me very on edge, and maybe this is part of the issue with many ob's?




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I've read about menstrual cycles causing outbreaks. I have an IUD, mirana to be exact, and I do not have menstural cycles. Maybe look into that as a way I prevent outbreaks. Some people still experience periods, but overall they are drastically reduced in duration and flow but for the most part women tend to completely stop having periods. They are good for up to five year but you're able to take them out whenever you like. Sometimes our bodies just need a break from things, maybe the lack of a period will allow your body to build up enough antibodies to prevent such frequent outbreaks. As for the stress, that seems to be the biggest factor in outbreak as far as I have read. I know this is easier said than done, but anywhere you can reduce stress you need to. Obviously at home with your kids isn't an easy one. Cut things out as you can and see how that helps. Take time for yourself, seriously mama, it pays off big time.


As for the discharge, I had that too and it was basically a wonderful addition to the already great situation going on down there. As long as your doctor has checked it then just write it off as a symptom of an outbreak.

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Definitely the Vit D issue isn't helping - it's very important to up that to help your body build immunity. Can you get out in the sun for about 15 min/day - try to get it into your system that way? It's the natural way for us to get Vit D into our system as it is... and it doesn't take a lot of time in the sun to get your numbers up. If not, see if you can get some sort of IV therapy for the vitamins you are not able to absorb.


I wonder - you already had 3 types of herpes virus in your system when you got HSV2 - I wonder if that is something to do with it? Esp if your immune system is already struggling....


My thoughts on the discharge is that it's at least relatively constant. I'd just check in with the midwife on your next visit.....also see if they can do something to check your immune function ... sounds like you need some help to get your system kicked back in.


As for the stress... oh heck yes that is NOT helping! I know this may sound nuts, but you may need the help of a "Supernanny" type professional to help you get control back with the kids. Once they have control, we have to change a lot of things and it's not easy.... having someone to help to direct the changes and support you may be just what you need. Right now you are in a huge circle of pain, discomfort, and frustration... break one of those parts and you may find the rest falls into place ;)



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Oh - back to the discharge - any chance you have Bacterial Vaginosis??? Symptoms are:


Vaginal discharge that's thin and grayish white

Foul-smelling "fishy" vaginal odor, especially after sexual intercourse

Vaginal itching

Burning during urination


I knew there was something that had your symptoms that I couldn't remember the name of... and this infection seems to accompany a lot of H+ diagnosis on here :(

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I scheduled with midwife for April 24th. The thing about the discharge is that there is no odor, no itching, no burning, etc. It's just there. I don't have any of the symptoms of any of the vaginal issues that come up when you search watery discharge.


Who, when it comes to doctors, is considered a herpes specialist? What type of doc would they be? I'm ready to talk to someone who has a lot of background in treating patients who are h+.



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Herpes Specialist: OBGYN, Urologist (for men), anyone at Planned Parenthood or an STD clinic, and if you are getting nowhere, *maybe* an infectious disease specialist (tho I have heard very mixed reviews of their advice...likely because they mostly deal with much more serious stuff).


If you get nowhere with your local Dr, try the www.WestoverHeights.com. They have a Herpes clinic there that my be able to help you... I think they do some kind of online consulting....


I DO recommend that you find some help with your boys from a child/family behavior specialist. Both for you AND for your kids. Right now you are in a rut and you need help to get out of it, and the sooner the better ;)



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