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IgG test - Herpes how long??

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Is there a way to know or an estimate of how long you had herpes based on the IgG Test??


I started having symptoms in October 2012 and was diagnosed with Herpes Type 1 (genital herpes) in June 2013. This is my result:


Herpes Type 1 IGG (gG)

2613 Units/ml


Interpretation (Unit/ml)


Negative <250

Grey Zone 250-400

Positive >400


Isn't my reading that high??? 2613....is there an estimate of how long I had herpes? Thanks.

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Hello hello-


I'm not in any way medically able to tell you anything, plus I have no idea what your numbers even mean. What my doctor told me is most women display signs within two weeks of initially being given herpes. Some have the typical initial outbreak (sores, flu like symptoms, headaches, etc) and some have outbreaks so mild that they pass as a razor burn like rash. If you started having symptoms in October of 2012 then it would be safe to assume that you got the virus around that time, again not a guarantee that's when though given that herpes is a tricky bitch and can hide out for awhile. Another way to tell an estimated time is if you got any blood drawn at the time you were diagnosed, if it's in your blood test then you've had it at least 6-8 weeks. If not then you probably got it recently. Since you had symptoms almost a year before you were officially diagnosed then there wouldn't really be a for sure way to tell an estimated time based on your blood test.


Basically, herpes is a jerk and doesn't play by any rules. You could have been carrying this around for years before something triggered it. The plus side is the longer you've had it in your body the more time your body has had to build up the ability to keep outbreaks at bay.

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Ahhh @Sparklepony - you are a good student...LOL


@Xellosha - Sparklepony got it right. It's nigh on impossible to know for sure when you got it tho most people have symptoms within a few days/weeks of exposure and many don't recognize them as anything worrisome. The Igg test isn't accurate before 4 months but you are well outside that... I can't say anything about your numbers...the test is for antibodies so I'm assuming that your body is in full fight mode with the virus right now which would (IMO) point to you getting exposed around the time of your first symptoms.



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Owh..okay thanks you 2 for your answers. It was real helpful. It was awful when I mistaken it for a rash and left it for a few months with scratching and itching. Now, I keep an eye on my food..what I eat and I exercise every evening. I'm doing well and happy.

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