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First herpes outbreak queries

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Had first herpes outbreak 3 weeks ago - small cluster of blisters just below head of penis, with a few more popping up later. With acyclovir it was only really painful for about 3 days, though the skin's still a bit sensitive.


I realise the problems of working out exactly where you got HSV from, and don't intend to obsess about it, but I am confused by what is meant when herpes info sites say that the initial outbreak will be at "the site of infection". Does this mean that infected skin must have contacted the area on my penis where the OB happened, or could it the primary infection have occurred anywhere on and around the penis - e.g. base of the shaft below a condom?


On more practical matters, I now have thrush :/ (not a new problem) - but is there any danger that the anti-fungal cream could irritate the area where the herpes was, or even trigger a fresh outbreak?




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Hello and welcome :)


Odds are you got a little rubbed in that area which then let the virus in ... micro tears in the skin seem to be the usual point of entry ... and you may not have been aware of them. You may get an OB somewhere else later because it may have found multiple points of entry and just chose to appear at that one for it's coming out party :P


Also, for the first few months, be careful about touching the OB and then other areas because your body is still learning how to fight it off ... after about 3-4 months, it's a lot harder to spread to other areas and you should be ok.


The antifungal cream should be ok ... you may want to look into the yeast free or candida diet for the thrush ... it works for some people who get a lot of fungal infections ... and get on probiotics too ... your system is out of balance and it's likely due to sugar/refined carbs. in fact, it may be why you caught the H virus - you may have had a low grade thrush infection starting at the same time as you had sex and it weakened the skin in that area.



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Thanks, for the advice and support. My diet is generally pretty healthy - however, when it comes to stress I'm a basket case (and that was before H!). I do seem to have some soreness in the area of the original OB - perhaps the little blighters are coming back for a second show, rather than it being a reaction to the thrush cream. My penis and I are NOT good friends at the moment!

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You need to talk to @HerrytheHerp ... he and his penis had a long talk and they seem to have come to an agreement ... lol


And regarding the "pretty healthy" diet - *some* people just plain need to get all sugars, refined starches, etc out of their diet for awhile so that their system can get back in balance. Check out the diets .... it may be worth trying it for a month ... if you get no change, that's not your problem, but I'm guessing you will see at least some reasonable improvement from what you are saying here....

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The thrush and general soreness seems to have alleviated a bit today. Being a British Penis, I suspect the old chap was so horrified at the thought of having to face a frank and open talk scared him into better behaviour! :)

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