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My leg hurts.

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Ok, so I had started a previous discussion about my herpes getting worse. I realized that I was eating to much processed sugar and caffeine. Anyway, I cut that out and now I almost had a second outbreak in the same spot. I took 3gm of lysine yesterday and echinacea and the outbreak stopped! But now I am having pain around my hip joint near the labia where the outbreak was going to be. The skin is sensitive t touch. I've had this before in my left leg. I guess it's neuralgia but it really hurts this time. I don't want to go on Valtrex because it damages the liver. What can I do? I went back to a raw vegan diet with no sugar so I'll wait and see if it gets better.

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Valtrex does NOT damage the liver. That is patently false. I have spoken to Dr. Anna Wald at the University of Washington extensively about this. She is an expert on all things HSV. She recommended I take Valtrex for the first year of infection to avoid serious outbreaks.

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Can anyone please tell me what is going on with my leg? I can actually feel the virus digging into what seems to be my hip joint. This is getting really bad for some reason. WT heck is going on, is it infecting my leg? What can I do to make it stop? It's in the joint, and the surface of my skin there is numb, tingly, and hurts when I touch it.

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Hi Angelina.


I would seriously consider getting a perscription for Valtrex. Go to the doctor as soon as you can. It's really hard for your body sometimes in the beginning, nothing wrong with helping it along.


I had severe leg pain withe the first few months. Herpes does travel through the nerves, it is likely just prodome and not infecting your leg nerves, but what your feeling is normal for some people. My skin never hurt when I touch it, but I did have some freaky things going on.


Go to your doctor, tell him/her your symptoms, and get on Valtrex. I think if I was on it sooner, I likely wouldn't have got as bad as I did.


No need to panic but get on some meds for a while.


Good luck.

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Herpes can't infect your joints - that is Lyme Disease. Very different issue although both can cause weird nerve pains....


I expect that the nerve cluster that is affected has got really upset/inflamed for some reason ... sometimes its an increase in stress, change of diet, hormone fluctuations (my H got worse for a bit with the beginning of Menopause) etc. Look back and see if something changed recently that might be triggering the OB.....

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Well my leg has gotten better but now my lower back hurts so this might just be a pinched nerve. I'm not having any sores. I was surprised that the lysine worked. I learned to take it on an empty stomach or else it won't work as with all amino acid supplements. But I had also used ehinacea, co-enzyme Q10, ginger and garlic, But maybe it was because I cut the sugar out and started with plenty of fruits and veggies. All I know is another outbreak was about to occur, and then it stopped.

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WCSDancer2010, my hormones are imbalanced. When I pms, I actually go a little crazy to where I've needed medication. I've tried birth control to balance out my hormones but that just made me gain weight and I bled a lot. Sometimes I lactate before my periods. Yes, I will have to go to a primary care doctor.

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Actually, go to an OBGYN friend... Primary Care Dr's can be horrendously behind the times where H is concerned ... because they feel it's just an inconvenient skin condition, they don't stay up on the latest research ...I hear time and again, GP's saying you can't spread it when you are not having an OB..... AAACK!!! OBGYN's and Planned Parenthood are my top to recommendations to anyone with H... followed by Infectious disease or dermatologist if you are not getting it under control (as there may be other things going on) .... not to say your GP isn't up to date, but this is a genital issue, so I say go to the genital specialist ;)

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'm three years late in responding again. There is a wonderful french man in the room next to me and I can't flirt with him. I am about to go get a beer and drown the pain, but I decided to look at some old posts. The pain in my leg gets bad when I walk. It's actually a torn muscle that will not repair. It gets worse every year. With all my depression, I now can't even walk long distances.

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