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So on August 2nd I felt a little irritation down there, by August 8th I had a blood test that came back positive for hsv 2, I had one little sore down there.didnt itch, no burning sensation, just a little irritated when my tight clothing would rub up against it, almost like when I caught impetigo But not nearly as bad as impetigo. Any who I wanna know if I can trust what this obgyn said, she swabbed the sore and it came back negative for herpes,is this swab accurate or was there just not enough of the virus present to get a positive diagnosis. The doctor told me as long as there is a open sore there, if it's herpes.it will come back as herpes....on another note still can't believe I never gave it to my boyfriend after 2 years of never using a condom, makes me think it's not as contagious, well maybe that's wishful thinking. Would really like to know if I can trust the coulture the doctor did on me

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Well blood test you can trust for hsv2 because it has great accuracy rate.


As for swabs, you are asking a very skeptical gal. Basically if they are positive, it's extremely accurate.....


If it's negative it could be a million things:

1) the sore was too tiny and didn't have enough of the virus in it to get a positive

2) it is not herpes

3) they swabbed the wrong area

4) too much time had passed from when the sore originated and the swab was taken (u need it to be within 48 hours of sore appearing)

5) doctor or lab mishandled the specimen and the specimen wasn't kept at the right temperature to stabilize it


So a negative isn't a negative really.....


And herpes is contagious but as Dancer says, it is a slippery sucker and it can be transmitted.


Hope it helps.

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Thanks, I don't even know why I bother going to the doctor, they don't know anything. She sat there and told me, as long as there's a sore there it can be tested for herpes and it would be a definite answer. She said yes I have hsv 2, but this one sore was not an outbreak. She also said it may not even genital herpes, it could be hsv 2 orally and maybe that's why I haven't passed it to my boyfriend in the last 2 years. Just wish these doctors knew what they were talking about so frustrating

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Well, that is technically right, but hsv2 orally is not common at all...you likely have it genitally...in fact very likely.....but best to swab anything that looks suspicious for now


Nothing is 100% even in swabbing or blood testing....positives are usually accurate but negatives are never just negatives....but I am an anal analyser lol....I do it for a living so I can give you every permutation and combination of why a negative isn't a negative doesn't mean yours wasn't just a pimple either,....k?

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Yeah I understand, I guess I'm hoping for it to be orally. In not a healthy person, I hardly drink water, dr.pepper is my best friend, I eat fried greasy buttery food all day everyday. I figured I would have outbreaks more often and if I have hsv 2 genital lyrics and it sheds every day from about 15 to 30 percent, I wonder how in the HELL (excuse my language) that my boyfriend has nothing. A lot of things about this virus just don't match, it is Indeed a slippery son of......

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You need to get a new doctor.... honest. I hope this one wasn't an OBGYN... it sounds like the crap we hear from PCP's on here all the time


She also said it may not even genital herpes, it could be hsv 2 orally


On'y 1% of all oral herpes is HSV2 ... and from what I have heard from the 2 people I've seen on here, there was no doubt that something was up in their mouth/throat ...


There are people who are married for 20+ yrs - one H+ one H- and they never pass it on.


If you are concerned that you got a false positive (do you know what the numbers were that you were diagnosed with? Were they borderline or a definite result?) then get a Western Blot test. You may not be able to get the Dr to do it (I'd get a new one to start with) ... if you want to pursue it let me know and I'll get you the info. It's the Gold Standard test - checks for a lot more proteins than the regular test so you will get a much more accurate result. ;)



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