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body changing drastically

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Wondering if it's just me or does anyone else seem to catch everything. First off I catch colds for 3 to 4 weeks at a time, have been for some time now, I'm on valtrex the generic for and amoxicillin antibiotics a total of 1500 mg a day for both medicines.....and even though I'm on all this medicine, I seem to catch everything. Never before have I had so many ingrown hair bumps after a wax, my face is breaking out, I bruise and bleed easier and to top it all off I feel a yeast infection coming alone.is it normal to have these issues, I almost feel like I may be allergic to the valtrex or maybe it's not working for me, because it doesn't seem to be helping, I mean when your on anti vitals and it still takes months to heal, some things wrong with that picture.my first outbreak from August 2nd, I can still see it. It doesn't seem to be getting better or healing.what should I do, all my doctors suck.

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Hi Lady!


Well, the best doctor to go see is an OBGYN or a STD clinic. They know everything best.


I seem to be catching way more viruses now too....body is dealing with a lot I guess....so for me, it's normal.


Some reactions you describe could be other issues and not at all related to H...if you go to a specialist they will know....dermatologist too....some can be side effects to Valtrex like bruising, facial break outs, etc. You may have got a secondary infection from your OB that is bacterial and perhaps you need other meds.


Did you get a positive swab from the exact sore?


Hang in there chickadee.....your body is stressed....it will get better.....


Keep looking for the doctor you need, it takes time and persistence.


Hugs to you!

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some could also be that the antibiotics are messing with your probiotics. antivirals work differently than antibiotics. antibiotics are not really suppose to be long term because they kill everything. antiviral, well first we have no beneficial viruses in us and second they do something internally to virus cells making it very hard to gain resistance. it could also be the stress helping all the badies .

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No positive swab, blood test that came back positive for hsv 2. And I just got a root canal that's why I'm on antibiotics, just on it to it runs out.the antivirals are for the one sore that popped up on me, it's the second one since August 2nd.the first one was on my labia(lips) and this one is closer to my booty hole.but if I had a good doctor or obgyn I think they would narrow it down, I truly think it might be a staft infection, caught impetigo when I was 17 from my sister, had a freshly pierced belly button ring and the next was history, the doctor told me I would always be acceptive to any thing

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Sounds like time for a new Dr. Actually, I'd go to an Infectious Disease specialist. Your immune system sounds like it's in the tank. I'm wondering if you have something going on in your lymphatic system if you are this prone to stuff ... so please - go check that out.


Also get yourself educated about how you can help your immune system (plenty out there on Google) with diet and stress reduction. Also when you get off the antibiotics, get yourself on a regime of Probiotics and maybe some other immune function support like the L-Lysine. I use New Chapters Lifeshield Immunity ... it's a mushroom based supplement that helps me fight anything off. And crazy as it sounds (because i rarely support OTC stuff) Airborne is the bomb-diggity. I got my father to take it daily about 1 1/2 yrs ago. He's 86, got Bronchitis at least 2x/yr till then, hasn't had anything last for that a few days since then... and they just came out with a daily version (I think for you I'd say use the regular one for a week or tow first, then try the daily).


Antibiotics won't help the colds - they are viral as well (but won't respond to the anti-virals because those are specific to Herpes proteins).... you just plain need to get your immune system firing again.



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It's sorta like the blood system without a heart to pump it - so movement and such helps the lymph fluid to move around. Lymph fluid is very similar to blood plasma but contains lymphocytes and other white blood cells. It also contains waste products and debris of cells together with bacteria and protein. There are lymph nodes (which are what swell when you are sick) along the way that act like canal locks to hold and move the fluid to the next part of the system.


It transports white blood cells (Important to Immune system function) to and from the lymph nodes into the bones and transports antigen-presenting cells (APCs), such as dendritic cells, to the lymph nodes where an immune response is stimulated. Thus it's an important part of your immune system function and when it's out of whack, your body cant fight things as well.

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