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Treatment for HSV1

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Hello dear H Opportunity community,


I am recovering from a significant genital outbreak of HSV1 that I contracted about a year ago, and am seeking some info as to remedies.


WSCDancer, I just read your tips on self-help relief from outbreaks, here: http://supporttruthanddialog.com/easy-simple-self-help-tips-for-relief-from-herpes-outbreaks/


I have yet to try drying out the sores and going commando. :-) Thank you for that suggestion.


Among your self-help tips, you also mention taking anti-virals within 72 hours of the outbreak. And yet, I have read elsewhere that Acyclovir may not be helpful for HSV1. Do you have any insight as to what antivirals work well with type 1?


Also, about topical solutions.... With this outbreak, I've been applying a DermaE cream that contains tea tree oil, oregano oil, and Vitamin E, then covering up with underwear and clothing. I am wondering, if indeed drying it out is the best way to go, if it may be best to forgo the cream?


Lastly, while I know HSV1 generally tends to flare up less than type 2, I'd say that I've had about 3 minor outbreaks, and 3 significant ones (including the original OB) in the year since I contracted genital HSV1. I want to mention, in case it's helpful to others who are learning about HSV1, that the reason that I have had more outbreaks may be that I have autoimmune hypothryoidism, an immune condition I've had since I was a child.


Thanks for any insight you can offer regarding anti-virals and to-cream-or-not-to-cream.


Thank you!



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The antivirals DO work for HSV1 ... be careful what you read on the internet... it's often skewed by half truths and drama queens :)


You will need to experiment with all the suggestions to see what may work for you. Seeing as covering the area up hasn't worked, trying to dry it up and air it out may be just the trick that will help you. You may want to try the Alum because it really does dry the area out better that anything I've used.


Certainly your autoimmune issue isn't helping your body to gain control over the virus, so the antivirals may be a really good idea for you. A lot will also depend on how much the OB's inconvenience you and whether you are in a relationship. It's a very personal call of whether to take the meds or not.





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