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Girly Question!

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Hey guys,


bit of a girly question here but I usually get my bikini area treated with laser hair removal but i've been too scared to since my first outbreak. The outbreak area isn't treated anyway but i'm still concerned about triggering it in a different spot because i think its pretty harsh on the skin or passing it on (even though i know its skin to skin)


has anyone continued laser treatment before???? or know if any of this would be a problem?



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Hey lost250,


So I'm not of the womanly persuasion and I haven't had any sort of hair removal down there, but yes, we have seen women who can do waxing and laser hair removal no problem and others it is a trigger. So the short answer for you is: It depends. If you're pretty new to having herpes, the chances of that kind of harshness triggering an outbreak is higher than if you've had herpes for a while and the body has had time to develop herpes antibodies. Best way to find out is to just do it. Worst case scenario, you get a herpes outbreak that will go away soon enough. Think of it like a science experiment. :) And if you do start to feel prodrome symptoms (which may be difficult to differentiate from normal pain associated with hair removal), you can always take a higher episodic dose of your antiviral medication to knock out (or at least lessen) the potential outbreak before it begins.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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ok im a guy and while I never did any laser removal (isn't that suppose to permanently remove hair?). I used to shave down there, my ex liked it and well if she liked it I liked it ;) but after herpes I started using my beard trimmer on its lowest setting to cut back everything there and I like that almost as much so that's an idea.


also as a guy im gonna ad ( while older than a fair amount on here) I rather like a er landing strip or a soft patch above and only the sides san hair. so you do have attractive options other than all bald all the time.

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