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Herpes happiness and being thankful

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Hi everyone!!! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. One thing is this safe haven here, this opportunity to connect with amazing people who understand me and who inspire me!! I am thankful Adrial began this opportunity.


It has been quite a journey for me and it's only been a month or so since I received my lovely gift of H. I have bad days and great days and in between days.


Since I got H I myself had disclosed to the person I was intimate with that was the hardest thing ever. I got through and over it and that person. I disclosed to my mother and she opened up her arms and has not stopped loving and supporting me, she is the most amazing woman I know.


I have disclosed to several close friends and none of them have turned me away or stopped loving me. they have kept my confidence and they have been my biggest supporters. I have opened up the conversation with them to safer sex and educating themselves and opening their minds and hearts. I have received so much love that I am in awe. I have been very selective and my friends have proved they are amazing people with much love in their hearts.


I have yet to have to conquer telling a potential partner but that will come in due time.


I know it is hard to get through days, through outbreaks, through our own feelings. I am sure I will still have difficult moments in life and in general with H but through this supportive network I have been able to push myself forward.


I have always been a very busy and social person. I love working with and helping people. At first I didn't want to do anything like how I was. I was having severe anxiety being around friends and in public settings. However, I have pushed myself little by little to keep being the awesome person I was and still am. I have this virus but it does not have me!!


Slowly I have seen that I can still do the things I was doing. If anything this experience has made me stronger and has forced me to genuinely love myself and work on issues I have been avoiding my whole life. For the first time in weeks I am smiling genuinely again. I feel like myself. I am not obsessing over if I will have another outbreak. I am not afraid to eat worrying if what I eat or drink will cause another OB. I am just enjoying life. I am being at peace. I am praying and meditating, self affirming. helping others, just living.


My whole point is if you just got the news that you have H, are just having an OB, or just having a crummy day I want you to be encouraged. Life will get better. WE are still fabulous people. We have a lot to offer. Even though life can be painful and tough, there is beauty in it. Do not let your struggle define you. If anything know that you are amazing and strong enough for this. I just wanted to send a positive message out to everyone and one of thanks for all of you have touched my heart and made it easier to get through every day.


Happy Thanksgiving and much love and happiness to you all!!

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