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Triggers and Virus Tricking me

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Okay so yesterday I posted about how I am still having tingling sensations and nerve pain in my left side and occasional burning in my butt, I had some redness two nights ago and no bumps, next morning no more redness. I had my first outbreak around August 29th-September 15th which was very mild bumps didn't hurt at all more annoyance with predrome symptoms then outbreak(Took valtrex 10 days and still taking supplements lysine, vitamin c and zin)However yesterday I wore a thong with a long skirt (bad idea) and when I got home I noticed a pain between my butt and vagina. I went to the bathroom and saw very small bumps and like one extremely small sore. I then went commando and sat down for awhile contemplating if I am going to start surpressive therapy and went back to the bathroom and the bumps disappeared back into the skin.


One, how is that even possible? I feel like the virus is playing tricks on me coming and going as it pleases, or is my body in a war trying to fight it? Two, can wearing a thong irritate and trigger a outbreak? Im considering giving up thongs and just going commando for necessary exercise clothes and some clothes that would require a thong? I am just confused, because my outbreaks are very mild and I don't know if my body is just trying to fight the virus right now and when this shit will stop. One day I will think its gone , next day I feel tingly and have redness. Or is it my body's way off fighting the virus. Previously when I was diagnosed with HPV 5 years ago I went through having genital warts for about a few months and then my body got strong enough where it never came back since then. Could my body be possibly doing the same for Herpes? Also what are some common triggers?

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ok, two things. yes we get obsessive. I was at a friends house last night and a bump appeared beside my eye and for about 2 minutes I swore I had ocular herpes. ive had bumps appear then disapper. I try to treat them all like herpes as far as putting something on them and not wanting others to touch. but id do that for any skin condition.

second thing. you gals are killing me with this going commando thing. ;)

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Odds are the thong just irritated the already sensitive area (which is still dealing with recent OB's and thus the skin is still likely healing at a deeper cellular level). Yup - go commando (@seeker COMMANDO COMMANDO COMMANDO lol)


Anything that is tight/rubs/doesn't allow the skin to breathe can irritate Herpes.


As for triggers :)








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