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Question: herpes outbreak passed to another area of body?

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I was diagnosed in May with HSV1 on my genital area. I've had numerous OB's and usually in the same area. Today I noticed the beginning of a OB but on the outer part of my lady part. Is this normal or did I somehow pass it to another area of my body? For example the upper part of my private or stomach? It's confusing and bothersome for me at this point to now notice I could possibly have it popping out in different areas now :/

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Well its possible you might have autoinnoculated yourself in the first few weeks but it's unlikely that you would autoinnoculate yourself at this point. H *can* be passed to any other part of your body but it's usually in the first weeks when you have no antibodies that this happens.


Your best bet is to get it swabbed to see if it's H ... it may be something else all together .... if it comes back negative you will want to figure out what else is irritating the area .... :)

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yes H can go to other part of your body ,even its unusually. In the first 6 month of contraction it possible that it spread to other parts of the body if you not careful(showering, touching etc.). I have herpes 1 (oral ) since I was child and I got H1 genital, the chance of getting it after that long time is by 2 percent......but it can happen. Make a swap and you will see...H goes to your mind ,sometimes you think you have an OB and its only red skin.....make a test.big hug

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What I have looks like a red dry patch of skin on my stomach. I Am Quick To panic when I spot something and will automatically assume it's "H" related. I'm hoping it's just a ring worm. My recent outbreak is coming to a end now. The other thing I had was related to my OB only on my outside of my lady part where the pubic area begins and is gone now. I've been going thru my outbreaks without any meds and sticking to baking soda with water. Does anyone else have some advice on home remedies?

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