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Question regarding medication

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Hello all!!


When I was first diagnosed I was living in Canada at the same, where I was prescribed Valtrex 500mg twice a day for 3 days for any future outbreaks.

This method has worked for me so far.


Recently I have moved to Germany temporarily to study abroad. I went to visit an Obgyn for medication and future check ups while I am here for my stay. When we spoke about my condition the Obgyn informed me that in Germany no medication is given for future outbreaks OR supressive therapy. I was shocked to hear this because here I was, now used to being able to get my medication without any issues.

He told me that for future outbreaks the only thing used, is Cream, because they won't perscribe medication, only for the first initial outbreak.

He also told me that so many of the population is diagnosed with the Herpes symplex that it's so common and no social stigma is attached instead it's accepted.


My question now is....How should I be feeling about this?

I basically have no option for medication only cream. I don't know what to feel because I always read on this forum about the treatment options of medication and how it reduces the risk of transmission. I now feel like I can't give a future partner the chance to reduce their risk.

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Hello and Welcome!


So here's the deal. You are in another country with another culture. *If* you have a physical relationship over there (you say this is temporary so I assume you are not planning to stay permanently) you just need to make sure they know you have it and use condoms. The main thing with H is making sure you give the other person the CHOICE to accept the situation and risks. Assuming the Dr was being honest about how they look at Herpes there, then you may find that sex is "easier" simply because they may have found a way to get rid of the stigma... in which case, I'd love to hear back from you from what you learn from your experiences there.


Your other option is to contact your Dr and see if you can get someone to pick up and send you at least an Episodic treatment script for YOUR peace of mind ....


Germany is WAY ahead of us as far as natural treatment and acceptance of things like H ... remember that our advice on here is based with the idiotic way that our countries (America and Canada) treat/deal with Herpes .... perhaps you can find a support group there to help you understand the realities of living with Herpes there ... but in any case, right now, you just have to accept how they view it there ... and you *may* find that it's better ... in fact, I'm willing to bet you will find it refreshing once you understand how they view it there :)



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