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Question: 6 month in, period

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As usual, it varies from person to person. For most, it gets better over time.


Are you on Birth Control? If so, you may want to skip every other period (consult your doctor ... but this is a normal way to deal with it) and see if that helps. It will give your body more time between to settle down so it can better contain the virus over time.

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well the period is such a big trigger but it will get better with the time, just make sure not to shave at that time......the hormones' run crazy and you have to be more careful but your body will get used to it if you are usually a healthy person. Things get better..be patient.

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Good point on the BC @WCSDancer2010! I used to have issues with bc, my period, and OBs. During the time when I'd be PMSing and on bc I'd have an ob, even with the lowest dosage hormones available in the pill! I have since switched to the nonhormonal Paragaurd IUD (a 10 yr bc method). Although there is a chance of pregnancy it has worked well for me the past 2 1/2 years! I will still get an ob from time to time during that time of the month but not as frequent as before and with less intensity! The Paragaurd is not for everyone as it can affect your menstrual cycle, but like I said it has worked well for me. Hope this helps :)

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Also to add my obs are mostly on the anus and not on the front side :) I've read that because the virus mostly hibernates at the lower end of the spin, the end of the tailbone, that you're more likely to have an ob there than anywhere else.I still get them on my female parts too but mostly the backside...

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I have the implant in my arm and I have the pill to regulate my periods but to be honest o don't take the pill and just accept that I have irregular periods because taking tow forms of contraceptives and anti virals just make me feel like a walking illness. If it doesn't get any better then that's what I will do... But I wonder about what will happen in the future when I decide to come off of birth control... Will my outbreaks be all over the place and prevent me from being able to safely have unprotected sex so that I can get pregnant... I have nightmares even now about giving my baby the disease and it dying.

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