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Posted one discussion on here before got some really uplifting and positive feed back. I had my first 2 outbreaks back 2 back about 4 months ago. Since nothing. No suppressive therapy no change in diet and I've been fine no OBs the last 3 weeks. I've gotten back in the gym and working extremely hard. Running 2-3 miles a day. One day I ran 4 and a half also is an intense lifting regiment well last night at work I went to use the restroom and BOOM! It's back and now worse almost like its spread into different nerve endings. I went right to the pharmacy and used a refill on acyclovir and started taking them. Does this mean I can't workout hard? I had some hope this damn virus would just lay quiet inside me. I'm extremely bummed and can use some advice. Can I workout with an outbreak with treatment? If I get on suppressive therapy can I continue my intense workouts? What do I do?

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Hey there, yes, you can work out and work out hard, but know that when you do, your body will get tired and thus, your immune system will likely get compromised. Just listen to your body, and make sure that you get enough rest too, especially before or after the days when you do want to push yourself. Also, certain foods can trigger it, but I suspects in your case, your body was just slightly overworked and more vulnerable. Are you taking supplements? Consider adding vitamin C and lysine to your daily regime. Might help too.

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@Positive is right ... basically Herpes is a "First Responder" and will tell you when you are stressing out your body... so perhaps you just need to fit an extra rest day into your regimen or whatever.


Also, are you wearing really tight clothing when you run? It may be that you got mildly chaffed and that allowed the virus to come out (it's also opportunistic), or you may have an allergy to something in the fabric. While you are healing, go commando as much as possible and keep the area dry. If you work out, shower immediately after and use a hair drier to dry the area... maybe try the Hydrogen Peroxide spray beforehand.


It may be that you just have to figure out a pre and post workout regimen to help your body to deal with the virus - at least until you have had it a year or two and your body has better control of it. You are only 4 months into this thing. Your body is still building antibodies and will for at least a year. Be patient grasshopper! Sounds like your body is actually doing a good job already ... just don't ask too much of it too soon!



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Clothes weren't tight, loose gym shorts maybe one of the ingredients in my pre workout mix didn't help either? I do have giant bottles of lysine and vitamin c but didn't take them when I was working out. I sit and ponder the reasons this has happened it really hasn't set in yet still dealing with it I guess it seems like an outbreak happens goes away and comes right back at least with my first one now with the third it's been 4 months. 3 OBs the first 2 were back to back. I just got done with the acyclovir and now going on valtrex as a suppressive therapy I'm curious to see how that works out. Thanks again for the support

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I know I should lift weights but dammit, those things are heavy.


maybe give up on the "go hard or go home" mentality that flows thru gym culture and just do a good general Wo for a while?


ooo, wo supplements, that could have something to do with it also. id definitely go with an abridged routine sans supplements ( workout ones) for a bit. just like if you would have had any other health issue.

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