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HSV 1 any info will help me scared of giving it to baby by touch or breastfeeding

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I found out have hsv1 right before thanksgiving was the worst.I have had very bad guilt along with pain trying to pee feel little tingling in my balls everyday just to let me know it there and not a bad dream that I feel like I'm living everyday. The sore has almost gone but I still feel like shit. The worst thing is I feel like I got it not being faithfully to my wife on a trip in nov from handjob in Costa Rica my fav place but now never want to go back. It was a massage that wish I would of never got.the girl look like she had bad zits on her face but I never new anything about skin on skin.thinking I was safe? Her hands were not smooth so now I feel like she might if had it on her hand also? I have told my wife and she doesn't think I got it that way saying that she most likely gave it to me because she does oral everytime and she had cold sores as kid but I have never seen her with one.i just feel in my chest that she did not give me this.that god is punishing me for being a pos but know she has a few spots on her!she is ok with it somehow a few of her friends have it and she is saying it will never come back being hsv1 doesn't like down south.i hope is are case. I am trying to be strong we have a heathy lil girl 8 months that I need to put all my love and time in. I not eating much and all I can think is I the worst guy out there. I got my blood work done maybe a week or two after I got back the was neg igm and igg 5pos hsv1 my wife saying it was already in me a lot of info I found backs that up but not all. Some say it could be a new infection that I feel it is. I was in a lot if pain and sore all over now just tingling and my lil man feels not the same? Almost like uti I hope that goes away very soon. I just hope my mind can stop eating me alive. I feel I am a disgrace to my family.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, if your blood work was a 5 then you have had the virus *at least* 3 months.... so I agree with your wife that you likely got it from her already ... and I would guess that the stress and guilt of your indiscretion helped to cause the outbreak ... Herpes is a "First Responder" to stress.... Although it's *possible* the other person could have had Herpes Witlow odds are you would have seen that .... but your test results just don't back that up ... it's very very unlikely you would have that high of a number in less than a month.


Sounds also like YOU are punishing yourself for what you did. God has nothing to do with this. YOU are flogging yourself ... and your body is just backing up your negative self image. Not to say what you did was right or ok. BUT, it's in the past, you have told your wife, it *sounds* like she at least has accepted, and possibly forgiven you. So the work right now is between you and yourself. I suggest that you get some counseling to work out the personal anger and guilt at what you did and to help you re-establish trust with your wife. ;)


As for the symptoms, try the suggestions in the links below... they may help ease the discomfort a bit ;)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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Thanks for the fast response west coast dancer. Yes I do feel I need some help getting over my guilt and anger. What I am most scared if is passing it on to my lil girl only 8 months old that would kill me I am taking care of her all day as I work sessional and wife has 8to 5 I have washed my hands so much I'm going crazy. I just want to be able to enjoy this time in her life and I feel h is robbing me blind of that.this could not of come up at a worse time in my life.also what are the odds I give to my wife from only one time out of the hundreds we have sex and that why I feel it was primary infection and that why I'm so scared of giving to lil one every lil red spot I see on her I start freeking out and bout have a melt down I do ok by end of day but when I wake up next morning that feeling is there to greet my day?? How often if it ends up only being hsv1 do they come back for other folks I have herd from none to a lot.i plan on getting other blood test in few month to make sure? Thanks to everyone helping

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I just want to be able to enjoy this time in her life and I feel h is robbing me blind of that


Herpes isn't robbing you of this time with your daughter .... your MIND is. You have herpes on your GENITALS. It isn't oozing out of your pores. I GAVE BIRTH to two babies after I got H ... I played with them and loved on them and shared baths with them. I have Oral HSV1 and Genital HSV2... gave them plenty of kisses (light kisses... never with an outbreak. ) Likely shared towels at times without thinking about it.


You are WAAAAAY overthinking this. read this blog I wrote about this fear you are living with ;)



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