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Having sex at end or during a OB.ok or make things worse?

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I have found info on other post someone said you can make it show up on other spots or worse by having sex with any sign of outbreak.i would like to know as my sore are pretty much gone and my wife has to small looking blisters that have not broke open and seem to get smaller I don't want to make healing time any longer for us? She does not want to go to doc?she is breastfeeding and wants no meds in her body. So anyone that has been in long term where both of you had it did you stop or hold back during any signs of ob ? Did you make other spots show up or anything bad? Thanks for any feedback!

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Yes don't want to be painful for her. She said she can not feel anything but I don't want her to. Plan on holding off sucks very bad. Would you make new sores show up on new spots from the sex act. thinking if I only have it show up on my head or her one spot it will be all over " more sores" different location ? Also my sore is closed but still looks pink on and kinda like jumping around. Not cool how long should it take to start looking normal or do some people stay looking pinkish ? This has been going on like a month I'm hoping on the better side of this!!! It seems to me from just getting one out myself "couldn't take it any longer" that is best left alone seems to not help.That one best things in life has to be put on hold?

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She does not want to go to doc?she is breastfeeding and wants no meds in her body.


Well for one, while I totally get that she doesn't want to take meds, it's VERY common to have women take Valtrex during pregnancy to stop OB's so they can have a natural birth,,, so it wouldn't be an issue for breastfeeding... BUT, she doesn't have to take anything if she doesn't want to ... the reason for going to the Dr is to find out if she has genital herpes and if so, which strain. That's all. How she chooses to deal with it after is up to her.


As for intercourse ... it the person is in the first 4-6 months I suggest you avoid sex during OB's because their body is still learning to deal with the virus so it's possible you could spread it during that time. After that time, if you both have the same strain, you can't give each other "more" of the virus, so it's only whether you can comfortably have sex that will limit you after that time.


What to do during an OB???? Honey, there is sooooo much you can do to discover more INTIMACY with your wife ... and OB's are the perfect excuse to explore them!!! Rather than needing to use each other as a vehicle to an orgasm, use this time to get to know HER and HER BODY in ways you have not discovered. And to let her do the same with you! Start with sensual massages ... don't make it about the orgasm, make it about the PLEASURE you get from making her feel good. Not to day that she can't have the orgasm, but make it about seeing how delicious you can make the journey to that point ;)


There are other practices like Tantric sex (google it). Dry humping (aka outercourse) can get REALLY hot! Check these links out to help you get some ideas/options







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