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Told both my parents.dad last night.

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This has been very hard for me being a male mid age have everything going for me and this "pops" up. I held it in best as possible for thanksgiving.My in laws must of know something was up from me dry heaving in middle of night for a week!but my mom came over one day and she could tell something was killing me so I broke down and told her I felt I got in not being faithful and I was in pain to me I could feel it in my body from shooting pain to middle of back and base of spine crazy as I could feel it moving around.she has

been good support telling me if it's the same thing nana had show up on her and never come back. One time thing? My dad was good to not really knowing what to say he just put his arm on my shoulder as I told him what I felt. that I felt I got it on my last trip. that my blood work after two weeks was a 5 pos igg and I have been told by a few people now that it's been in me at least 3 months or more and I most likely got it from wife all the oral she does on me having cold sores as a kid? I told him I still feel that I got it on trip in my heart. His word you don't need this you already stress to much.that is more than the truth I was always stressing over nothing if I could of only known. Has anyone that see this been tested that soon after possible first exposer and had that high 5 after few weeks? Now I'm thinking this high hsv1 antibody were there and maybe hsv2 had not show up on blood work yet there were no igm for h2 ? Now the only thing to do is get another blood test in few months or talk my wife into going to doc to get typed. She has two small looking blisters that have not opened but aren't really changing? Would they have to open one to swab. How long will they stay looking the same? I have to stay strong for my family. When will that constant sting go away bout to drive me over the edge only time feel ok in a warm bath. Mornings are the worst.

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Well, first of all, good for you for talking to someone about this. At least you have some support close to home, even if they don't totally understand the virus itself.


You had a HAND JOB ... the odds of getting herpes that way are slim to none. In my *personal* opinion you are looking for ANY proof that you are being punished for your indiscretion. So I urge you again to PLEASE go get some counseling because that guilt will eat away at you AND your relationship in the end ...


Now, if your wife has blisters, she can get them swabbed (yes they will have to open one up to swab it...) and she might as well get a blood test done at the same time. She needs to do that ASAP because the test is reliant on the virus being present in the lesion and that may only be a few days.


As for the sting... have you tried the things suggested in the treatments discussions that I posted to your last discussion? I strongly suggest you try the epsom salts baths and going commando... and have you tried L-Lysine?



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AND AGAIN, that high of a result (5) pretty well states you have HSV1 and have had it awhile. And the IGM test is useless ... any Dr worth their credentials should know that ... the IgG is the only test that they should be running for herpes :(


The stress from your guilt likely caused the OB ... I have a client who has had H for over 30 yrs in a marriage before a really stressful situation caused her to have an OB. So it's very possible that your anxiety triggered this whole thing...

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Yes I have been taking a salt bath everyday.my wife works in field where she works with lot of doctors she doesn't want them to look up her file? I have told her I want her to go but I know she really doesn't want to I have not tried any other but a few olive oil extract pills and the alvoycore?for 10 days now I'm done trying to drink smoothy everyday? will try and ask here to go again.i seen you said in other post if you do have sign of ob you can make new spot on other areas ? Thanks for info your the best!!

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She can go to Planned Parenthood in another area if she is that concerned. To be honest, doctors see herpes as a nuisance skin condition in an inconvenient place and nothing more ... so she's over thinking that but I get why she might be concerned.


.i seen you said in other post if you do have sign of ob you can make new spot on other areas ?


Again, in the first 4-6 months or so, yes - until you get the antibodies built up ... after that you *should* be ok

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