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Herpes, Meds, No insurance.

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So I'm in a bit of a pickle here. Being that I recently got a new job and have not been there long enough to recieve medical benefits yet, I'm pretty much screwed when it comes to getting meds. I do have a gynecologist, but the state of Virginia's policy on Medicaid is a joke (I'm only allowed ONE free visit, which is my annual exam, and free birth control which I no longer take), so I am responsible for the costs of prescriptions. I was told Walmart had a $5 dollar plan and Acyclovir was on it but when I picked up my last bottle it ran me about $20 bucks for 30 pills. Now I'm kind of stressing out because I believe I am getting an outbreak near my nose (the area is itchy and alittle swollen) and I'm currently limited on cash. Oh the struggles of being a broke college student. Anyway, any idea on which pharmacies sell meds for cheap?

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Did you ask about the $5 plan when you were at Walmart? I'd check to see if they made a mistake. I just found this online .... you may want to print this out and go back and ask to have the difference refunded to you




Otherwise you may try Googling "Discount Rx Card" or "Discount Prescription Card" ... they are free and can give you a really good savings on your scripts. I'd also just call around all the pharmacies and ask them what their prices are and what discount plans they may have. And finally, go to



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aHA! Thanks for that Walmart link, Acyclovir 30 day is just $4 and the 90 day is $10 bucks!!! I've been jipped! Then again my prescription was for 400mg and Walmarts website is advertising 200mg, so maybe thats why the price was diff. But if I took 2 pills that would equal to one 400mg so whats the deal? Lol, I'm calling my doc to refill for me tomorrow. :D

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