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Thoughts? Suppressives?

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Hey Everyone,


I'm 5 months in on my lovely little journey with H. I went my first two months without taking antivirals but my paranoia of autoinnoculation got the best of me (you saw it in my posts) and to ease my fears I went on suppressive Valtrex. So I've been taking that for 3 months. Am I slowing my body down by taking antivirals. As in am I delaying my body in getting used to the virus and have I been delaying the build up of antibodies? Is long term use of Valtrex very bad for you? Just give me some thoughts.


I kept telling myself at six months my body should be ok and autoinnoculation shouldn't be a fear. Is this not correct now because of me taking the meds?

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Some Dr's feel it can slow the body down but ultimately it will get the antibodies up to a point where it can control the virus. I've heard that Valtrex is hard on the liver somewhere but I've also heard it's totally harmless..... IMO anything that is not a "normal" substance (or in higher than normal doses) will put at least *some* strain on the liver.


You should still be fine at 6 months ... I would just wean off really slowly so your body can step up while you come off the meds....

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I agree with dancer in that if and when you want to go off suppressive you should wean yourself off ( though im not sure the process yet as im on them myself till after the new year sometime). however, it is my understanding that antivirals don't work like antibiotics, they don't kill the bug itself they stop/slow its replication. therefore there should be a virus your body has been dealing with this whole time. however stopping cold turkey could cause a viral spike and that could lead to an OB. look into lysine, zinc and (for temporary use) Echinacea/goldenseal (immune booster).


as far as autoinoculation, sweetheart I had a 103.5 fever when my first ob hit, I was delirious, didn't shower ( could barely stand) and had several sores on the boys and I didn't get it anywhere else, heck I didn't know what it was for almost a year after and us guys scratch down there, ALOT. you ladies complain to us all the time. lol.


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