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Is this safe to assume about genital HSV 1?

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I've been doing research and have found from multiple sources that there has been no known transfer of genital HSV 1 to another person just by genital to genital contact.


So, is it safe to assume that with G HSV 1 the only thing that could be an issue is oral sex? Also assuming the infected person is taking medicine and using condoms.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, what are your "sources"? There's a LOT of REALLY BAD info out in the ether-world ;)


GHSV1 does shed a lot less than GHSV2... but it DOES shed.... and people DO have outbreaks ... so the potential to pass it on genitally is very real. So no, it is not safe to assume you are "safe". Now, with meds of course the risk is less... and condoms will help too IF they cover the area where you get your OB's - if they are somewhere like your scrotum, condoms won't help ;) . So it's true the risk is quite low with all those measures in place. But don't assume you are home scott-free ... there's still a very small risk in that case (likely less than 1%) ... but it's there.


The thing is, if you are living life, you do things every day that take some assumed risk on... riding in a car, many sports, drinking, many jobs ... etc. As long as you are aware of the risk and you make a choice to accept that, then it's just part of life..... you could die or be badly hurt in a car accident tomorrow ... and the risk is about the same as your risk of getting Herpes in a normal scenario ;)

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Yes if I only have h1 got tested soon after expected expo.I gave to my life partner only one time having sex when didn't think it was anything and was told the same first doc visit. Seems to pass the same and for sure of any sign of ob. I wish that wasn't the case. I really pissed that we can't go down on one another as was very common before this worrying about getting on are face and then to the baby.This has got in are life like a f-ing wall. What have you guys done about oral? When there no sign you just don't worry bout it . Yeah right! No sex in fear of making more spots show up and my wife lil blisters are not changing is taking more than its toll.

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I really pissed that we can't go down on one another as was very common before this worrying about getting on are face and then to the baby.


Well once you have both had the virus for a few months, oral shouldn't be an issue... yes, it's *possible* you could later get it orally but the risk is a LOT lower because you will have the antibodies and H1 sheds a lot less down below than it does in the mouth area. So while I wouldn't suggest it right now when you are both having trouble with OB's ... in about 3-4 months you should be good to go.... and STOP WORRYING ABOUT PASSING IT TO THE BABY! You have it GENITALLY for one ... and even if you got it orally, you just have to use COMMON SENSE to keep from passing it to your child. I have had H1 orally since I was 4 and to my knowledge I have never passed it (orally or genitally) to ANY of my partners. I'm very vigilant about paying attention to my lips and I wouldn't do anything with any kind of a "cut" or OB.... no oral, no kissing, no sharing utensils/drinks ... that's all :)


Oral Sex discussion Dr Leone


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