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I've been worried for 5 months.. Does this sound like herpes to you?

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(I don't know the exact date I could've caught it so I'm counting the weeks from july though I got it sometime in June)



I noticed there was something odd about a guys lip. Long story short, I was raped in june. Don't really want to get into the details. But a few weeks later my face was itching, & my lips were tingling & burning. I noticed little flesh colored circles on my lips no one else claimed to see. I told my boyfriend everything but eventually he got to try the point saying I'm fine, I'm just paranoid, & he's annoyed with me talking about it & kept kissing me anyway.I also got itchiness in both my armpit area. It turned to a pink rash with bumps that was painful & could puss out. I got cream, stopped itching & it went away but still Itches all the time. 4 months, I still have the tingling & burning feeling & everything I read said Oral herpes. I got a blood specific test & it said I was negative for hsv1 & 2. (don't know what else it could be called or the numbers) But I'm still not sure because I have all the symptoms & now 5 months 3 wks in, I got two unnoticeable white spots on my lips where it sometimes tingles & burns, A big "canker sore" maybe, in my mouth. & my boyfriend said he saw something on him too, but hopes but it's just a cold sore & not herpes? I don't understand how he thinks that's possible. Also noticed different little fleshed colored circles down there!! Like my Lips, its not painful or filled with anything but after all I've read on the internet I got convinced I have it. & worse of all I have a one year old that has a bump on his lip. Next to the normal bump in the middle people get. Nothing like what I have, it's skin colored. But I am worried all the time. Just want to know what you all think? I'm going to get another test to be sure & a swab But I would feel so bad if I'm the reason my son won't have a happy normal life :(

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I think it could be the fact you're so worried about it being something, that your mind is playing tricks on you, making you think things are abnormal when its not. You're paying more close attention to your body now, so any little thing is questionable to you at this point. I can relate because I was in the same boat. The flesh colored circles I saw on my nose I thought for sure was Herpes. Since I've had it and been on medication, the circles are still there, so I'm guessing its just my skin going through changes. It could've been there all along and I never noticed until now. Just like I started freaking out about a large flat mole on my arm that I realized I always had after seeing a photo from 6 years ago with the same mole lol.


Also, canker sores are not associated with Herpes. You can get a canker sore from anything, I got one from brushing my teeth too rough and bumping against my gums too hard. Even certain toothpastes cause them. I think you mean cold sore and they are more commonly found on your lip or around your mouth, nose area.


Your skin could be itchy due to the weather (if you live in a cold, dry climate) it has quite an effect. My skin itches when I am dehydrated or haven't used lotion. There are just so many reasonable explanations for your symptoms it may not be Herpes at all but just a combination of various conditions.


I would think by 5 months you'd definitely have a positive result if you did have Herpes, but sometimes, if the virus is inactive at the time, it may not be detected on a test. So, I'd say get a Western Blot test done, they seem to be the most accurate.


Finally, please PLEASE stop going on the internet diagnosing yourself because thats the WORST thing you can do. You will end up in this situation of panic and paranoia over something you may not even have. Good luck and I hope everything gets better for you, and I'm truly sorry for all of what you went through..

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first- I am so sorry :( If you think it is from your horrible incident in June, and you have gotten the blood test recently, and it was IgG, and negative, then it probably is negative, because the antibodies take 3-4 months to develop so if the horrible man gave it to you, it should have shown up in the blood by now. If your relationship with your boyfriend is new, then maybe talk to your doctor about swabbing the bumps and doing a culture test, or in a few months, another blood test. Your boyfriend should get tested too, to see what his results are.


let me tell you something my doctor told me, because I just went through this, "not all irritation is herpes" my ex was H+ for HSV2 and after we started having sex, I began feeling bumps that would get really irritated and sometimes be white and this persisted for months and after we broke up I got tested and had a low positive IgG (which 50% below 3.5 are false+), so I was convinced that i had it and every irritation and redness/rash...on my hands, face, everything was herpes and that herpes was everywhere (I honestly think that my constant thinking about it just made me hyper alert to EVERYTHING and I probably mentally caused more irritation by constantly being hypersensitive) - plus the internet deff only fuels the paranoia!!-- only I then pursued a more definite Western Blot test and learned I did NOT have herpes at all, not HSV1 or HSV2. BUT I still have this irritation, so while that worries me, I now know that it is something different, not herpes. So I am talking to my doctor to figure it out. So Breathe - and try not to let your mind run wild until you know what is going on with your body...maybe avoid the internet, and talk to a doctor in person :)


I would definitely go back to your doctor and just have them swab any bumps on your face, armpit, etc and test everything, and then ask what else could be going on besides herpes, and just be your own advocate, ask all your questions, and if your doctor dismisses you, see another doctor who will take you seriously and help you determine what is going on with your body, herpes or not. Knowing what is going on will help you feel more in control then target what to do next.


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Hello and Welcome!


Its really impossible to say if it's herpes, hormones, food allergy, or whatever .... but by this point (5+ months) you should have a pretty clear answer with a blood test, so I would just go get that done ASAP so you will know what your status is. The pimples in the armpits won't be herpes, so you can discount that. And your BF's comment that "said he saw something on him too, but hopes but it's just a cold sore & not herpes" ... honey - Cold Sores ARE herpes (ie: HSV1) ... now Canker sores (on the INSIDE of the lip) are usually caused by something else (diet, chemical imbalances, irritation, etc).


As for your child - I would feel so bad if I'm the reason my son won't have a happy normal life


Reality check for you here: 60% of all young people have HSV1 (aka cold sores) orally by the time they are young adults. 80% of all adults under 50 have it. So *if* he gets it (from you or some kid whose sharing a drink with him or whatever) I promise he can have a VERY happy and normal life ;) I got H1 orally at age 4 - I'm 53 now ... I got HSV2 genitally at age 17 (first sexual experience) so I've lived with both for my whole sexual life and I have a very normal, wonderful life ... including 2 BFs who were H- ... so whatever your result, know that your fears of what Herpes means for your life and your childs life is not aligned with the reality for those of us who live with it ... ;)


And as @Jessika said, PLEASE stay off Google and stop self-diagnosing ... Dr Google is a quack who feeds the fears of far too many people ... get that blood test and let us know how it goes ... if you are HSV1+, it's not the end of the world and we'll help you to understand how to deal with it ... ok?



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@Jessikarabbit89, @stars468 &

@WCSdancer2010 Thank you. You all made me feel a lot better.

Your all so nice, it gives me a warm feeling people dealing with this have nice people

to show them the positives & be supportive to one another. I'll schedule an appointment tomorrow & definitely try to stop worrying about it, as I don't know 100% it is herpes. Even if it is, it's good to know there's a support site with discussions of people who go exactly what they go through & people like you take time out of your day to give advice & bring up others. It's comforting :)

& ill for sure stay off google.. Never had anything good to say about anything medical.lol

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