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When does it end?

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I found out I have herpes exactly a year ago, my first outbreak was horrible. Since then, my vagina has been extremely sensitive and raw looking. Will this ever go away or will I always have to deal with this? Also, my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now, he has been my only sex partner during that time, how is it even possible that he doesn't have it and I do? It seems nearly impossible, we've been having unprotected sex for 2 years, my first outbreak was after having sex with him.

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Mine has been sore for 2 months. The actual sore itself is gone just kinda red a sensitive! Can't go with out boxer just feel like I will rub it raw. My girl has couple of lil blisters that are not going away she is not taking meds. She is breast feeding are baby. How long does it take your sores to clear up?

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I don't take any needs, but my sores take about a week. It's been a year and I'm currently going through my second out break. I just soak in Epson salt, drink tea, and sleep really. I'm just going that this time the rawness goes away, I'm afraid of any type of intimacy at this point. The meds such, I tried it and it made me really sick and my hair fall out after a while.

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He has been tested twice and they both were negative, I don't believe he's had any blood work done though.


Well then he hasn't been tested - or at least, not the right kind of test ... he needs to have the IgG test done....swabbing isn't going to give a positive result if he is not having an outbreak....


Now ... do you know which HSV you have? Because if you have HSV1, odds are he's not getting it because it doesn't shed nearly as much in the genital region... and as I said on another post, odds are you could have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis ... so I would get to a Dr and have it checked out....


And try L-Lysine - that may help a bit too ... and it shouldn't have the side effects of the other meds....

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I have Hsv 2. He had some bumbs but they weren't painful and came back negative. My appointment isn't until next month so I guess I will just have to wait it out. But thank you I'll try that, hopefully it works. So far the severe pain only lasts about 2 days, anything after that is painful but tolerable.

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I was diagnosed at 12, I wasn't sexually active, and don't know how I contracted it. I'm now in my mid 20's. My first OB was really bad. The second wasn't too bad, then 10 years later (recently) I had another OB (around the rectal area). It's just a skin condition. Your first year is the hardest, but it gets so much better. After a while you won't think about it hardly. Don't feel bad. Millions have it, but hide it. When you go to work just think at least 1/4 of the people there have it too. Keep in mind of all the other viruses that suck, flu, stomach bug, strep throat etc. You get those periodically. Herpes is no different. The stigma is because it's associated with sex, and genitals, and the name "herpes" sounds awful. It gets better, don't be ashamed.

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