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Newly diagnosed

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Well this year for christmas I got the gift that keeps on giving. I got it from a new partner who got it from his ex-wife who cheated on him while he was deployed and he did not know. Great right? I'm in the medical field and pretty much already diagnosed myself but went and got tested just to be sure and because holy shit it really hurts. Since I'm in the military I get stuck with whatever gynecologist they wanna give me so I ended up seeing a colonel sanders look a like who was incredibly uncomfortable talking to me about it and gave me no information. He prescribed me with Valtrex then awkwardly shook my hand as I was bawling. Anyways, I hate taking medications and after doing some research I read that by adding lysine to your diet you can suppress the OBs a little? Is anyone changing their diet at all, and with any results? Also how easy is it to spread the outbreak to other areas of your body? And what about this pain? I obviously can't stay home from work and ibuprofen and motrin just isnt getting the job done, I dont wanna sound pathetic but Im dying at work.

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Hello and welcome!


Heading out the door so this will be a quick reply to get you started ...


Yes - many find L-Lysine helpful ... it's certainly worth a try ... and definitely work on the diet: controlling sugar, caffine, nuts, chocolate, and alcohol (not necessarily all of them ... nor does it mean you can never touch them at all) does help some people to control their OB's (outbreaks).


Best thing is to attack it inwardly with the meds or Lysine and diet, and outwardly with any of the things discussed below in these links ... epsom salts baths and going commando can be a big help ... but there's lots of other ideas in there too that have worked for people :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





Hope some of this helps - I know others will chime in with their experiences :)




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Hello @blondie43,


I too was diagnosed while in the military nearly 28 years ago. One other person on this forum that I know of was also diagnosed in the military around that same time. The one thing we discovered we had in common was that they did not do blood tests for herpes. They relied on a swab and visual diagnoses. In my case three different swabs came back negative. False negatives. I'm curious, do they do a blood test for it now?


You have come to the right place for knowledge and support. @WCSDancer2010 also has a blog called Support Truth and Dialog that is well worth your time to read. Unfortunately the environment you currently live and work in is not the most conducive for herpes support, at least it was not while I was in it. I hope this site and every one here can give you all the support you need.


Semper Fi

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I feel your pain. I'm recently diagnosed and also in the military. It seems like sex is such a popular conversation in my unit but yet when stds come up, it's always in a joking matter. It's hard because I don't want to tell anyone about my past mistakes and I've beaten myself up about it enough already without having them dogging me on top of it. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

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well first off welcome and breathe. it will be all right. ( this is for you too Midwest).

lysine seems to help some. there is still some debate about it. I went to planned parenthood and they gave me a printout about it.

after you have had H for about a year it should become more latent, your body will learn to deal with it and it wont stand much of a chance when it does rear its ugly head. stress can bring it on and being in the military with all the unknowns ( esp in aunit prone to unexpected deployment) that could be rough. time to go all zen.


humor is a stress relief and a normalizing process, people make jokes to make things less scary, im sure military humor can be crass to outsiders, as can health worker, etc. don't take it personally. hell I joke about stis still!


lysine, zinc, vit c all are considered h

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I guess it's not really the fact that they joke about it,i give them hell too, it's that my medical records are open to anyone in the clinic. If they wanted to they could look at all my lab results, GYN visit notes and prescriptions and trust me even though it's illegal to look at someone elses record without being directly involved in that persons care, they still do it. I just don't want them to find out and look at me like I'm gross or an irresponsible person when Im still trying to figure this stuff all out myself, especially my guys I outrank. It's nice to see other military members on here though, even under the circumstances ha :)

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