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Am I paranoid?

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I got tested 90 days after exposure (blood) and it came back negative. The doctor said I was negative for both type 1 and 2. About 2 weeks later I developed a sore in the pubic region that I popped and shrugged off as a pimple. It was slightly uncomfortable and left a red mark for a while, until 2 months later when the sore came right back (same spot). That sore slowly went away until 8 months later when it came back again. I never got it swabbed but shortly after I went to get another blood test. The doctor didn't want to test me. She said it's not a big deal unless you're pregnant. She also said the blood test wouldn't distinguish between type 1 and 2. But I insisted, and she gave in.


Well, I haven't got a call back. But I'm assuming I got the IgM test and I've been reading up on how faulty this test is.

What do I do? It's been over a year and these frickin doctors won't give me a clear answer...or maybe they are and I'm just not taking it.

I'm from Canada. Does Canada not offer the igg test? Do you think I got the IgM test the second time around? If so, should I get retested? Should I relax and forget about it?



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Hello and welcome!


Have to say, sounds like you have an overactive hair follicle that keeps getting infected. But your best bet is to get it swabbed if you are that concerned next time it comes up.


I can't guess if you got the IgM (which IS useless) of the IgG but you should be able to call and ask what it was and what the values were on it. I have to say, your Dr is very poorly educated (nothing new I am afraid) on Herpes because *most* tests can tell you if you have type 1 or 2.


Countries with a Nationalized health services often cut corners with Herpes to keep costs down ... I lived in the UK for 8 years and learned (both around H and other health issues) that you REALLY have to advocate for yourself if you want to get certain things done. So I would call and insist on being told what the test was, the result, and the values of the result ... just for your peace of mind......



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There is an Elisa igg test that healthcare offers for free but does not distinguish type.


There is another one an immunoblot that u can test for which is $140 and is only done by specific Labs. This is type specific which is way more helpful.


You can also do the western blot which is only offered in the states.


The above are blood tests


A swab culture is the best of the fluid of the sore which is type specific and costs you nothing


Good luck

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