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Day to Day ?

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I still wake up first thing on my mind. Like waking up from bad dreams everyday.i don't want to get out of bed I can here my lil girl playing and the feeling of being a failure takes offer hole body! Sorry I ask same question just want to see if anyone has had same skin and pain issue as us.i have everything to be happy about but just can't shake it.My wife started to take my antiviral and she is breast feeding now I have my lil one getting tainted milk.Plus if she has bad side effect? The fact is I did fuck everything up now I'm finding it hard to live with.that is all we have spoken about cents coming up.now she is telling me thats how I should feel and I no that. She loves me but this has been to much to take when I tell her she can find someone better she says not now as she feels unwanted that kills me because if something were to happen to me she would just not even try because of this. Every little detail is on my shoulders just can't take it anymore. I put my family Heath at risk.my wife is having oral ob on top of it.wcd dancer you don't think I would have any igg built up by almost 3 months? Has anyone went two,two half months after expo and got valid results ?Quest says to come back in 4-6 weeks if it's recent exposure? For H2 I was > 0.90 does anyone get 0.00? High pos for h1

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My wife started to take my antiviral and she is breast feeding now I have my lil one getting tainted milk


The milk is NOT tainted. They give this to babies who are born with herpes. And to be honest, I'm not even sure it will cross into the milk.


You have not done the things we keep telling you to do. GET HER to a doctor. GET YOURSELF to a doctor. AND PLEASE get to a therapist to work on your guilt because it won't he Herpes that kills your marriage, it will be YOU and your insistence on staying stuck in your guilt and not going to get professional help to work on that.


Even if you come back with a 1.1 "positive" result right now, anything between 1.1 and 3.5 has a 40-50% chance of being a false positive ... so there is no sense in testing too early because you are likely to take anything under 3.5 to the bank as proof that you have Herpes. So in your case I would not recommend testing too early. AGAIN, get your wife tested.... and get your blockage looked at. How many times do you need to hear this before you will TAKE ACTION because that is what you need to do to move forward.


when I tell her she can find someone better she says not now as she feels unwanted


THIS is what I am meaning when I tell you that you need to get PROFESSIONAL help with the guilt issue... YOU will ruin your marriage if you don't get that under control. PLEASE, I BEG you, call around TOMORROW (Monday) and get an appointment with someone who can help you with this AND an appointment to get the blockage looked at. Until you do, I will not comment on your situation because I do this on my own time and I've spent hours already telling you the same thing over and over. Sorry to sound like a hard-ass but the bottom line is THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN HONESTLY HELP YOU IS YOURSELF. If you refuse to do the things that need to be done to get your mental and physical health in a better place, you will stay stuck in this place until you do. I really don't know what else to say. So until I hear you have been to a Dr to get the blockage looked at, I'm out ... and I hope you will get help with the guilt as well because you honestly need PROFESSIONAL help there. You can also contact @Adrial on here ... he's a life coach and may be able to help you but you HAVE to commit to enough sessions with him to make a real difference.


I truly hope you will get the help that you need. Once you start to take RESPONSIBILITY for your mental and physical health, I believe we can help you here but right now you are avoiding doing anything to do that ... and you will get the result you fear if you don't CHOOSE to fight for your marriage .. which means doing what you need to do to become mentally and physically fit enough to be the man you want to be for your family.


Peace Out

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