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How do I know if I'm having a herpes outbreak?

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So, I got HSV1 genitally about 2 months ago. Like most people here I was devastated. It was just bad luck. My obgyn was not helpful at all and in a lot of ways I'm in the dark about all of this. I read a lot online and have adjusted my diet and am taking lysine to help control outbreaks.


The trouble is, I have no idea how to tell if I'm having an outbreak. The initial outbreak was painful but I didn't see any spots or sores. What should I look out for? I don't know what the symptoms are and how to tell if I'm having an outbreak or if there's something else going on.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, you had a full on OB (outbreak) ... so you know what it feels like. It may be milder but the normal prodromes (symptoms w/o and OB) are tingling/itching/pain ... I'll put links to some great blogs on here with more info ... you have H1 which often only has 1 or 2 OB's in some people and then it settles right down ... others take longer to get it to settle... but you sound like one of the ones whose immune system (and likely your mental outlook) are stronger and more capable of dealing with it better. You are doing all the right things with the diet and such ... so just keep your focus there and you should be fine :)








Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video


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Hi and thank you. This whole situation sucks. I don't know what to expect and really how this works. It's only been a few months but every time I don't feel normal I wonder if it's an OB or something else or just me being paranoid. I haven't had any tingling, but a couple of times it almost felt like I was getting a UTI that never quite manifested. I wish there was someway to test if I was actually having an OB so I didn't have to wonder all the time.

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I totally get it that it's difficult at first - that it's hard to know what is a standard "tingle" vs an outbreak/shedding.


Remember you have only had this a few months ... you will live about 4000 weeks so 12-16 weeks or so is a total drop in the bucket. Patience Grasshopper! Use this time to learn to listen to your body ... it will pay you back a thousand fold in other ways if you master this now :)

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^^^ What she said! I think it took a year before I was able to fully recognize my prodrome symptoms (seems to vary between people, especially over time).


Odds are your next episode will give you at least a few clues to run with... cold/flu feeling in your head, swollen glands under your arms/in your groin, tingle/prickle feelings where you had your previous episode (you mentioned pain), etc.

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Every time I feel the slightest bit off I wonder if it's an OB. How do I know if that is what it is?


I'm trying to be patient but it's never been my strong suit. Right now I'm just frustrated that I don't know what is happening with my body. I don't know when I should take anti-vitals and when I shouldn't have sex.


Thanks for your help and insights. It's great having a place to go to talk about this.

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