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False positive?

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about a month or so ago I was visually diagnosed by two separate doctors with herpes.

They didn't even take a swab and explained to me that it couldn't possibly be anything else, gave me Valtrex and sent me on my way. They didn't even tell me there were two types of the virus, I had to find out and do research for myself. They didn't give me any statistics and they didn't explain shedding, or explain any preventive measures for my partners, they just told me whether my partners got it or not would be "luck of the draw".

So I went and got a blood test and it came up negative for anything.

So now what? Do I disclose? Am I a hypothetical risk or what? I'm so confused.

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A month is not long enough for some people to build antibodies that are detected in a blood test.


Unfortunately, they should have swabbed so u had more certainty.


3,4 months post exposure (when was ur exposure....how many months ago....I.e. When was the last time u had sex or oral sex) is more definitive and 6 months is considered conclusive for blood tests post exposure.


I would do a blood test at 3 months then if it is negative, again at 6 months for certainty.

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When I see posts like this I just want to go smack those idiot doctors upside the head. Honestly, I wonder where these idiots are getting their information ... and the word Doctor means TEACHER ... so the fact that they gave you nothing to help you just shows that you don't want to return to them for any health issues :(


And by the way there ARE other things that can cause blistering/lesions on the genitals .. and while I am sure they are used to seeing Herpes, no Dr worth their salt would diagnose on a visual diagnosis :/


@whitedaisies is right - it takes at least 3-4 months to get an accurate blood test back ... and it's unfortunate that they didn't swab you because that would have given you your answer :( Also, it is recomended that you don't take the anti-virals before testing because they will be knocking the virus back and thus keeping your body from building antibodies as fast as it might ... so you will need to be off of them for at least a few weeks before you test.


For the next few months you will need to tell partners that while you have not been conclusively diagnosed, you are assuming you have it. I hate to put this out there but you will be at a higher risk of passing this on for a few months while your body is getting the virus under control (and you are learning what your personal prodromes are), so I *suggest* that if you have a sexual partner that is H-, that you find other ways to play for a couple months ...most especially when you come off the anti-virals for the testing.

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