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My body doesn't produce herpes antibodies?

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If by saying you have had it for 10 yrs and you still have OB's, that doesn't mean you don't have antibodies... it just means that at times of stress (physical, emotional, food based, etc) the virus manages to get the upper hand for a short while.


Herpes doesn't play by any solid "rules". Some people get it and NEVER have an OB, some have multiple OB's every year. Generally they learn over time what triggers the OB's and learn to control it through diet, lifestyle, and reducing stress.


What do you do to control your OB's? I believe you said you have oral herpes? There are great OTC applications for that that work very well ... Abreva, Oragel One Dose, etc. And Bactine is the same thing as Oragel One Dose and it's a LOT cheaper.





If those things don't help, you can ask your Dr for antiviral medications like Valtrex or Acyclovir. I personally just take it episodically ... as soon as I feel an OB coming on I take a double dose for a few days and that normally knocks it right down. Or if you have a lot of OB's you can take it as suppressive.

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