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Question about HSV1 transmission and antibodies...

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Hello all,

So, it is quite common knowledge that nearly everyone gets cold sores...and they have HSV1. I have HSV1 on the genitals..therefore I am inclined to disclose this to my new partner. I was wondering, if I have genital HSV1 and he has oral HSV1...is it possible for me to give him G HSV1, since he already has antibodies for oral HSV1? This piece of information might make it easier for me to disclose to him if I know it can't be transmitted genitally if he has oral h.

I hope this makes sense and I am not rambling! Thank you.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, actually, it's NOT common knowledge that nearly everyone gets cold sores (80% of the people who get them don't know they carry the virus because they never have an outbreak) and many who know don't know that it's the same virus family as HSV2 (which most think of as THE genital herpes) so they don't know they can pass it to a partner through oral sex... which is likely why you got it :(


So to answer your question, yes, you *could* pass it on to him there but as you said, he has the antibodies so that gives him some built in protection ...and because HSV1 genital sheds less than H1 orally, the risk of passing it on is pretty low ... shedding rates in the two area are:


HSV-1 genital 3-5%

HSV-1 oral 9-18%


So a rough guess of your risk of passing it on would start at 2% or less without condoms or medication......


The "Good News" is that you KNOW you have it and you can take precautions .... which really IS big because with 80% of those with H not knowing they have it, the majority of new cases of genital H happen because the person doesn't know that they need to be careful about having sex when EITHER partner has a sore or shaving knick or whatever ... even if it's not herpes (because that is an open highway for the virus if you are shedding). So if you can get that you at least know to use condoms/anti-virals/L-lysine and other immune boosting supplements and lifestyles to reduce your shedding risks .... thanks to the fact that people are not regularly tested, your guy likely HAS been exposed to genital herpes if he isn't a virgin ... or will be if you don't work out ... fact of the matter is that between the very high incidence of oral H and the relatively high incidence of genital H, it's just a matter of time before you get exposed to it then it's a matter of luck if you get it or not.....


We have tons of great Success Stories on here that you should read ... people who are dating H- people who have found a profoundly deep love BECAUSE of the need to be vulnerable to someone. And I have had genital HSV2 for 35 yrs (since I was 17 - you do the math :) ) and dated men for years and not passed it on to them ... and my risk was a LOT higher than yours.... if you are body aware of your symptoms and you learn other ways to be intimate (which can be lots of fun!) your risks are very low ...


Here's some info on how H works and disclosure ideas .... we're here to help you through that part of the process so ask all the questions you need to feel confident with having the talk :)














When to have the H talk Adrial



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I passed it very easy to my wife that has had cold sore before we figure she has had H1? It was my first ob and didn't know so I was shedding a lot. I could tell this a week or so after because my penis looked to be peeling bad. I started out with a small red spot and was told it was nothing first visit. It got a bit worse then healed up we had sex one time before thinking it wasn't anything and she gave oral and it didn't show up on mouth but week later she had few small blisters that are not changing in genitals.So her antibodies didn't help her but this was without meds and all that. How has H1 been for you?it has been painful where my sores have healed "tip of penis" very sensitive and ongoing irritation in UT track were both going to be checked out for anything else that could be causing this but I feel it the H hard at work! After reading post with other people saying same thing.Hope this feeling will go away at some point?


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