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Diagnosed with genital HSV1

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Hi all, I'm new here and want to share my story. I could really use the support :(


I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 in August. My BF at the time got mouth sores from time to time (rarely got them actually) and always thought they were from smoking (he's a regular pot smoker). When he was 16, he had a large OB of them and got tested and everything, and all his tests were negative, the doctor told him he was having a herpatic-like OB but it was not herpes. However, his GF at that time did get cold sores and he would always kiss her anyway because he didn't know any better. Fast forward to August, he was having one of those flukey things happening in his mouth (he never suspected herpes because he never got cold sores) and we had sex, and of course he went down on me. The next day I felt I was getting the start of a yeast infection, and we were going away for the weekend so I bought the usual treatment and thought I would be fine. I had gotten just the 3 day course because I wanted to be better by the weekend, however it just kept getting worse. I just figured I needed the full 7 day treatment, so I got it before my BF and I went away. Still, it was not getting better and was starting to hurt when I tried to insert the monostat. I still didn't think anything of it because I was having such a great time while we were away. The day before we left I started feeling like I was coming down with something-achy, little bit of the chills..still did not think anything of it haha, because I have felt that way many times before coming down with a cold, I just thought it sucked I was coming down with a cold during summer. When we got home, the next day I noticed what looked like a canker sore, but on my vagina. I freaked out, and told my BF. He figured it was whatever had been going on in his mouth, again I and he as well did not think of herpes because he had tested negative during, what we now know was his initial OB when he was 16 (we're 24) and he had gone down on me many times in the past with the same mouth irritation going on. However, I was coming off of being severely stressed due to school, stomach issues and my first clinical rotation in an inpatient setting (I'm in school for PTA), and through all that I lost 20 pounds. Anyway, from the time we had sex to the time the sore came out had to have been about 7-10 days.


The cankers kept coming, and I was starting to freak out, so I called my doctors and got an appointment with the NP. My BF came with me and we both described what was going on, and she said she suspected herpes. We both were terrified. She took a culture (ouch!) and ordered a full panel STD check. The culture came back negative, but the blood test confirmed HSV1. She put me on valtrex, which I couldn't continue taking because it gave me awful headaches, and I never get headaches. She told me I may continue to have OBs or never have one again. She was extremely supportive, talked to me for a while both in the office and on the phone because she knew the stress I was under and had been under.


The initial OB went away quicker than I thought however it traveled to my thumb because of all the times I was observing down below. I loaded up on my immune boosting herbs, zinc, herbal teas, and just beefed up my already healthy diet. My BF and I tried our best to keep my stress levels down. He was extremely supportive and never once accused me of cheating, he also swore up and down that he did not cheat, we both knew what he experienced when he was 16 had to have been herpes.


School started and I was fine, and I continued to be fine until November, when I got my period for the first time since May. I was fine during my period and it wasn't until a few days later I started feeling funny. No flu-like symptoms, but something was off down there. Sure enough, I had a sore pop up on my outer labia. Only 2 more sprouted, so 3 in total, it was not bad but extremely discouraging. This past month, I got my period, and again a few days later I felt irritated. It has been about 5 days since the initial irritation but no sores as of yet. I still feel irritated though like I may have an OB, but nothing has popped up yet. I just got re-tested again (IGG blood test for HSV1 and HSV2) last Friday and will hopefully find out this Friday. Hopefully it will not take 2 weeks for the results.


So, I'm very scared I may have another OB happening. No sores as of yet and it has been 5 days like I said. But, my initial OB it took 7 days for the sores to show up from the time the irritation started. I don't have itching, just soreness in the area where my last OB was.


I'm so hoping I do not have genital HSV2. If I do just have HSV1, I'm afraid of recurring OBs after every period. It is so frustrating, I feel very depressed because of it and also because my BF and I are currently not together and it has been a very emotionally painful break up.


For those of you with genital HSV1, especially the ladies, do you have recurring OBs after you period?


Thanks for listening.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well I'm glad to say you seem to at least have been given reasonably accurate info by your NP (many regular Dr's and NP's are really out of date with their info). Yes - sounds like your ex had it all that time ... 60% of kids have oral HSV1 by the time they are young adults and 80% of adults up to age 50 have it ... but for some reason noone educates kids about what that means for them for their sexual life (not that they can't do oral ... but that they need to be cautious and definitely not give oral with a sore :( )


Anyhow, it's normal for women to have OB's with periods, especially at first. It should settle down over time ... if it just won't stop you may try birth control to help .. go 2 months without a period for awhile ... and double up on antivirals when your period is due. Many have luck with L-lysine (1000 mg/day) and some use coconut oil on the sores (some add tea tree oil to it....)


I'll post some links for you including some stuff on ways you can help to relieve the OB's naturally :)












Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





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Have hsv1 also but Im a male.have had constant irritation and feelings of possible OB but nothing comes up.i have the weirdest thing when I pee it looks to turn red where I had my OB on penis head very scary hoping that goes away soon! My wife has three blisters as you said you did on inner labia and was told today by walk in clinic it was not H but I really feel it is.did your ob last long time or stay same she is going on six weeks and no change the only thing that I can think is it stays moist down there and there just not changing but thats not common from what I have seen on here?this what doc said there not itching,tingling,painful,oozing-opening it's not herpes.thats what reg doc knows about this virus.pretty sad.she was also there trying to get uti figured out.

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hello there! I'm 24 as well and had my first genital hsv1 outbreak last march. it sucked obviously. But I haven't got sores since, although right before my period i do always feel a bit funny. It feels like I will get an outbreak but so far it hasn't happened again. I do however take daily suppressive meds so that most likely is the reason why. I know its hard but you have to remember how common it is...at least 60% of people already have it and most of them don't know it. It's normal to feel that way around your period though because your hormones change.

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@WCSDancer2010, thank you for all the info! I really appreciate it. I have been taking Olive Leaf Extract and Astragalus twice daily, and I also take Vitamineral Green powder which I have been taking long before my first OB, and also other immune boosting things. It is quite frustrating to think I might have an OB with every period, it definitely makes me feel trapped in my own body.


@GetBetter111, that is strange what you are experiencing but I think maybe you and I both are experiencing lingering nerve irritation. I know some people who have had shingles, and although it is different it is a herpes virus, and after their sores cleared they still had nerve pain and skin irritation. I wonder if the same can happen with genital HSV-1? Both my initial OB and my second OB didn't last a very long time, the first one was the longest because it was the first, it lasted I believe 7-10 days, my second one lasted 5-7 days. Your wife should maybe be tested for other things like a bacterial infection? But I have read that OBs can possibly last up to 6 weeks.


@ann122, it's encouraging to hear you haven't had an OB since your first one, I hope it stays that way for you! I still have no signs of any sores popping up, it's just irritated, which might just be from hormonal changes in general. I'm keeping a close eye for sure. I just hope I am still positive for only HSV1 and not HSV2. I think once those results are back I will feel a little more at ease. It is amazing how common it is and yet the stigma still remains, it's so frustrating! I can only hope my OBs just completely stop and I can feel a little more free

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Well again, there are ways to get around it ... I'd give it a couple months and if you keep having OB's with your period you may want to try one of the other options ... I'd start with simply taking a double dose of anti-virals for 2-3 days before your period ... that may be enough to help to control it.


And yes you can have lingering nerve irritation ... tho in @getsbetter's case, it may be a UTI but until he goes to a Dr it's all guesswork :(

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@Getbetter111, I waited a little over 4 months to get retested, because I read that it can take up to 16 weeks for HSV2 antibodies to show up on a blood test. So when I had gone for my blood test it was definitely more than 16 weeks from initial outbreak. This will be my second time testing negative for HSV2, thank god! It won't hurt to get tested again. It's always good to know for sure.



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Yea I plan on it!you said you also have nerve irritation.Has it effected your UT at all? Friday can't come fast enough have appointment with urologist not sure what he can do I hope something.it has just felt constantly irritated and sensitive skin.Took a bath and started flowing that has been going cents OB at first it was real messed up figured from nerves and not drinking enough.now I'm able to pee just the irritation and feels like retention. Sucks bad to say the least.Heath dep dipped my pee last time and it was clear of bacteria ? Told me to take Advil.Also I ask if or how this could be herpes doing this. Said yes post herpetic pain something.take Advil! It should go away.then few days ago came across the PHN mainly from shingles as you said but tons of people reporting it in HSV.

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@Getbetter111, it has never affected my UT at all, except of course with my first OB when it hurt to pee but that wasn't directly affecting specifically my UT, it was just because of the sores around the urethra. It is strange that there was no bacteria in your urine sample. I used to get frequent UTIs years ago and had to get a cystoscopy done, where they put a camera up your urethra to check your bladder and I think your kidneys as well. Everything checked out fine though. Since then I have only had one UTI which was 3 years ago. Have you had a full panel STD test? It could very well be post herpetic pain. I think I've said this before but I know some people who have had shingles and still felt pain even in the absence of lesions. I really hope you get answers soon!!

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Yep I sure did came back clean.i have pretty much boiled it down to only possible to be H and on top of her uti.i read that can have yellowish discharge with Oder at first was light greenish and the other day it was yellowish.also where her blisters are inner labia can prohibit them from changing?this is all info I found with blogs and actual people had same thing going on. The h is messing with the natural PH of her body the discharge trying to clean itself out.So messed up how this can make so many problems.my lifestyle has change for the worse not able to do normal exercise from the irritation at tip of penis. Hope I get some kind of relief tomorrow.

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