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so... what do the herpes test numbers REALLY mean? (antibodies)

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I finally finally finally have a number and a test type from my husbands' recent diagnosis of HSV-1.


IgG test index 3.48


From what I am reading, that's actually a fairly low positive - right? He told me his doctor said his value indicated a long standing infection/exposure. What is the general consensus here, guys..... do the numbers mean anything in terms of a correlation of the value to the general length of time having the virus, or is it totally random? What do you think?

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3.5 is considered a definite positive ... low positive is 1.1 ... so while he is in the 1.1-3.5 range where false positives occur, he's close enough to the full positive that it's likely he is truly positive.


Generally there are too many things that can affect the "positive" status ...how long you have had it, how well your immune system is working, OB's, silent shedding, etc ... that you can't really look at the numbers as telling you much beyond whether you are positive or not once it's over 3.5 ;)

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To be dead honest, all it means is he's positive ... and has likely been for at least a few months ... beyond that, who knows? AND, you said he has HSV1 orally if I recall .... in which case, the test won't make any difference as far as how long he had it down below anyway .... and without a swab, the sore may just have been a rub, not an OB and the positive test could be due to the oral H ...


So bottom line is, you just plain have to keep this in mind but try not to get over-crazy around it .... AND ... just stay quietly and calmly alert if you are still not convinced that he's being honest. To be honest, IF anything is happening, you are better to get back to "normal" .... because most people slip up when they think things are "ok".... it's a fine line of not driving yourself crazy (and him for that matter) worrying about it, and keeping your wits about you ;)





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