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Told my wife she doesn't know? Can't take anymore

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Got her in to health dep this morning. Said it was not herpes,she has BV her cervix is inflamed they did Pap smear and now all we can do is wait. She told her to get appointment at obgyn. Said that inflammation did look like cause from std to be inflamed told her it could be all kinds of things and could be be something cancer or something that they did not test me for being I was out of country?pretty much just scared the shit out if both of us all over.i talked to hotline and they said BV and herpes left untreated can cause cervix to be red and inflamed.They said it doesn't look like herpes .wtf. I am freaking TF out bad all the feelings of the biggest pos on earth are back 10 fold.that I still could of given her something that could kill her. It's just to much

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CALM DOWN and BREATHE! Bacterial Vaginosis is VERY VERY common..... some women get it very frequently.....


So I don't get why you think what you *may* have given her may kill her??? If she has a pre-cancer from HPV she could have had that for years already as well...AND .. it's very treatable. The CDC says that nearly everyone will get some form of HPV in their life..... I've had it and had an abnormal pap smear.... and with 6 months of NUTRITIONAL treatment it was gone... some forms need to be frozen out .. but it's a very easy and common treatment IF that's what it is.


Whatever is going on though, this is why we kept telling you to get her to an OBGYN as soon as you said she started having a discharge.... because there are things that can happen that are easily treatable IF you get them looked at in a reasonable time...


Odds are she will be fine ... again... BREATHE ... wait for the tests and get her to an OBGYN... tell them when you call EXACTLY what the Dr's said and ask if she can get in soon. And stop withthe guilt trip ... you are not helping her right now if you are freaking out .... you need to be calm and let her know that she will be FINE and you will BOTH get through this....because if you continue to freak out every 5 minutes THAT will be what drives a wedge between you :(



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What other std could be causing this.doesn't it add up with me having a sore on my penis and week later her getting spots. It was never cultured it could be something else? With H1 being pos and all the tingling every day with other H symptoms.urologist was no help just saying wait it out if it's getting better.meaning being able to pee. What else could I have passed to her?I read that blisters can last this long.

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It may be TWO entirely DIFFERENT things!!!!!


Sorry the urologist wan't more help but obviously if he's not panicking about your peeing issue then all you can do is let it heal. Your wife may be dealing with something ENTIRELY different.... NON-STD ... Just get her to an OBGYN and let THEM figure it out.


Again, we can't diagnose here ... and there are MANY things that could be causing the blisters....

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