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Possible to get both herpes (HSV1 + HSV2) at the same time?

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It has been a month since I've been exposed to HSV. I don't know if it was 1, 2 or both.

I have never had any oral sores prior to this exposure. My initial outbreak was both oral and genital.


Today, I am getting second oral outbreak! :(

I have not gotten a second genital outbreak yet.


1. Is it possible to contract HSV1 and HSV2 at the same time in the same exposure? Does my initial oral and genital outbreak mean I could have gotten both types?

2. Is it possible that my oral is HSV2? If so, would it recur like this in a month's time? How rare is it for oral HSV2 to recur?

3. I also had an initial herpetic whitlow outbreak. Is this HSV1 or HSV2?


My concern is that I now have both 1 and 2 but the 1 is recurring orally since my initial outbreak.


Thank you.

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Is your oral outbreak inside or outside the mouth? If it's inside it's likely cankar sores (not herpes). If it's outside then I'd get it swabbed to make sure it's herpes.


As I've already replied on a previous post from you, it's HIGHLY unlikely you have HSV2 orally - only 1% of all oral OB's are H2... and the 2 I know about get it really badly in the throat... not on the lips.


And theres no way to know if the HW was H1 or 2 ... again, you need to get it swabbed to know for sure.


Odds are if you DO have it in both places it's HSV1 ... but until you get a swab, you won't know unless you get blood tested ... if you are only positive for H1 then you know that you got the same one in all places ... if you are positive for both odds are you have H2 genitally and H1 orally ... and who knows with the HW ... but that one is the least worrisome because you can easily cover it with a finger cot for sex play, or when handing babies/etc with an OB.... ;)

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It's *possible* if the person had both but it's unlikely they would have been shedding in both places without an OB somewhere. I'd put my money on you getting HSV1 in all 3 places but again, you just plain won't know without swabbing and speculating won't get anyone anywhere. The tingling/swollen glands *could* be from the outbreak ... but if it's from that over time you won't get those symptoms ....

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@WCSDancer2010 You're a life saver! I engaged in oral sex with him (only gave. did not receive but his saliva did get on my genitals. He also used protection (but i am aware that doesn't cover all bases) I am fairly certain the HW is from me coming in direct contact with his genitals during oral sex. Which leads me to my next question...


How likely is it that I have hsv2 in all three places? I haven't had any recurrences in the past month until this blister showed up on my lip last night.

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AGAIN... for one thing its VERY VERY VERY unlikely you would get H2 in your mouth at all. PERIOD. To get it in all 3 places would be even less likely.


Your best bet is to get the blister swabbed TOMORROW so you will know for sure but I'm willing to place a bet it's HSV1.... again, the 2 cases I know of that got HSV2 orally got it in the throat and it was FAR worse than anything you are describing on your lip. But to put your mind at rest the very best thing you can do is get each area swabbed when they flare up. Planned Parenthood may be able to take you right in... or look for an STD clinic in your area (all larger cities have them now).

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  • 3 years later...

Interesting topic. I can’t believe I did this but I slept with a guy after he disclosed his hsv2 status to me!  I have recently contracted hsv1 on my girl parts. Not sure why I threw caution to the wind and slept with this guy after the hell I went thru with my ghsv1 diagnosis, but I’m a masochistic risk rusher I guess abs now I’m totally freaking out that now I’ll get  2 on my privates. We did use a condom and he wasn’t having an outbreak.  Why the hell would I take a risk knowing whet he’ll i went thru when I got 1 down below?? Anyone have any emotional support or scientific facts to offer? 

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