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Too much l-lysine can cause a herpes outbreak?

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have you heard that to much l-syine can cause an ob. I read on the internet that it could so my question is how much should i take is there foods that i should eat along with the l lysin.My other question is how do i know if i can or can't eat something. Iv'e read that some people wiyh herpes can eat anything they want with out causing an ob. SO much information

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Trial and error is how you will find out if any types of food acts as a trigger on you. That goes for any triggers actually, not just food. I just had a couple of ugly little suckers pop up and I'm not sure if it's due to shaving down there, exercising for the first time in a long time, masturbation or stress. All four reasons have been present last few days, hard to know for sure. Quite frustrating.


As far as too much lysine, I have not heard that one. But as with everything, too much of anything is not good.


I take one 1500mg super lysine tablet each day, and two a day if I have an ob. Do they help? I don't know, but as it's good for your immune system I see no reason to stop taking lysine.

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Whenever I read "I read on the internet" ... I shudder. PLEASE be careful about your sources for info.


The issue isn't too much Lysine ... it's too much ARGININE ... the top sources are nuts and chocolate but I'll post a link to a site with a list of foods with the lysine/arginine balance listed.


If you take the *normal* amount of L-Lysine (1-2Kmg/day) you should be fine.... like ANYTHING ... too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Everything in moderation!


As @Ihaveittoo1975 said, you have to find what works for YOU.... I eat what I want, excercise when I want, and I hardly have OB's any more but for awhile (when I was going through menopause) I noticed that a certain trail mix (that had nuts AND chocolate) seemed to trigger an OB .... now I can eat all the nuts and chocolate that I want ... odds are the stress of menopause just made me more sensitive at the time....


Bottom line is: Don't go crazy on the internet and stay the hell off of Google!!!!!! There are only about half a dozen sites on the internet that I would trust for info ... and after 35 yrs with this I can say this site is a pretty good place to get info ...




Stop overthinking everything .... just become aware of your body (this is actually a GOOD side effect from getting Herpes!) Over time you will figure out what YOUR triggers are... and a trigger is your body telling you that it's out of balance and you need to take care of yourself ;)






http://www.sandiegohomeopathy.com/downloads/Lysine_Arginine_Foods.pdf Lysine Arginine ratio of foods

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