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I can't be the only one...

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I've been taking valtrex daily why am I still having constant outbreaks. :( I don't get it I thought it was suppose to suppress the virus but my outbreaks haven't stopped at all. This just sucks. I also take vitamins (vitamin c, zinc, multi vitamin syrup,echinacea). What else can I do? I think my panty liner may have caused it, it's not scented or anything. But I guess the layers of clothes may have triggered it( panty liner, panty, stockings, work pants) I can't get around not wearing stockings or pants it's my uniform. Help! I just want it to stop. Mine are painful and itch sometimes to the point where I can't sleep. I can feel the virus is still present every morning I wake up I have to blow my nose ugh. It's bin like that for a month now.


Any suggestions would be helpful. Should I continue with valtrex or switch ?

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hey 2 things to consider about cost. planned parenthood here in central florida offers acyclovir suppressive for 25 a month and the walgreens chain has a card you can get for 20 a year that makes acyclovir cost @ 28 a month. I use the card as the time + gas (well a few months back) was more than the difference.

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also, antivirals are not like antibiotics. antibiotics kill the bug, antivirals help prevent its replication. your body still has to deal with the virus . im on suppressive and ive had a minor OB occurring recently. only 1 bump and some side/back discomfort but nothing like in them past. I also take echinecea and goldenseal for about a week when I feel any type of oddity 9 OB, cold flu, etc)

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Unfortunately I don't live in the states I live in the Bahamas and my medical insurance isn't the best. Valtrex here costs $164 for a month supply. I just don't see the point in taking it everyday if every other week I'm having an outbreak....I've never heard about goldenseal @seeker

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Acyyclovir and Valtrex are related... so I would try Famvir which I think may work a little differently... but I think you hit the nail on the head with your "uniform". Try this - go on ebay... look up crotchless tights or panty hose. Odds are that is the main culprit... but also get into cotton underwear and try to go without the liner or get the tiniest one you can... and wear the loosest pants you have for awhile. Go commando as much as you can at home (maybe get some really loose boxers for around the house or maxi skirts) and sleep commando.


There's a bunch of other things on the links we post (can't remember if I posted tem to you or not but I'll post them here) ... epsom salts baths, drying the area well with a blow drier on low after a bath/wiping/etc... you want to make the area as inhospitable as possible. Right now, your uniform is creating a 5 star environment for the virus .... :/


There's a lot of things on here that have helped people, so something should work for you. Attack it from the outside as well as the inside and you should get better results :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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I'll ask my doctor about famvir today. The thing is it's the time of the month so I try to wear panty liners instead of pads. Not a big fan of tampons :/ I do the commando thing as well as the cotton underwear when I have to. I live with my sister and niece so one bathroom don't wanna contaminate the tub. I already dodge the question of y I'm taking pills everyday.


Thanks so much for the links I'll check them out.

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OK ... here's the thing ... you won't "contaminate" the tub... promise. The virus dies very quickly outside of the body and soap, water, etc kills it as well. You can rest easy that you won't "infect" anyone. I raised 2 girls without even beginning to think/worry about infecting them (because I didn't have an internet to scare the crap out of me and the Dr never mentioned that I had to worry) ... we shared towels, tubs (together at times when they were young), toilets and they never got it because the virus needs to be live, active, and in a large enough umber to transfer... which generally only happens with direct skin to skin contact (usually sustained, as with sex) especially when you are not having an outbreak. Even with an outbreak you need direct contact to really put someone at risk... just not as sustained...



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Hey pixie, take it from dancer on the bio hazardous tub. IFand i mean If you want a wee quirk for piece of mind, get some peroxide, put it into a spray bottle and nuke the tub after. It is a great cleaner. Dupount is startung to market it as such. I spray my shower curtain with it and yiu can hear it eating up the soap scum. The tub isnt contaminated by you, remember that, i look at it as a way i gain control over thevirus ( i like to picture the virys being oxidized by the peroxide, bwaahahahaha) and nothing wrong with a clean tub. Again the tub isnt a superfund site.

( i may have dated myself with that reference)

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Yeah my doctor said ill do suppressive therapy for two more months! I've had H since September as well can't wait for my body to get with the program. I take one zinc, two vitamin C, three echinacea and a multi vitamin everyday. So I'm trying keep up with this and hopefully that two months will be one month instead @YogaJ12

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planned parenthood gave me a printout on l-lysine and foods rich in it. its hit or miss for people. I personally don't know if it was doing anything for me but I did experience side discomfort when taking it with my antivirals so I dropped it and discomfort went away.


and apologies for all the typos, responded on phone and have fat finger syndrome.

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