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herpes outbreak-free for 6 months but --

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hey ya'll. it's been a while since i've posted here bc things have been goin soo good with me :)

i got on valtrex in june or july and i've been (to the best of my knowledge bc you kno how it is, every twinge you think ur having an OB) OB free for about 6mons now!! the thing is..my hubby has had a rash (or wat he thinks is a rash) for a few weeks now and tonite the gf found a bump on the inside of her vag (like right at the lips) and now i worry that i've had an OB and not realized it and we've had sex and i've passed it on to them, not meaning to. hubby could go and be checked out by our pcp bc he has work insurance but the gf doesnt have any insurance eventho i told her that my gyno is awesome if she wants to be seen by him..wat do ya'll think they should do?? personally, i think they should go and be seen even if only by an ER physician bc it'd really ease my worry (i have anxiety problems in general) and also it'd confirm to them if they have hsv1 or not and wat our next step should be. thnx.

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Planned Parenthood is the best bet - they will usually do sliding scale if you don't have insurance (and they take insurance as well) and will let you pay it off over time... and it's a LOT cheaper than the ER and they know what they are talking about. Avoid the ER at all costs unless it gets REALLY bad... it's really not their "thing".


Probably best to get them to get tested every 6 months just for your info... especially if you have anxiety issues...


BTW, cant remember your H diagnosis but if you have H1 genitally the odds for passing it are extremely low, esp on antivirals... as in, the top experts say they don't know of recorded cases of GHSV1 passing on to another ... odds are it happens, but very, very rarely ;)

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