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What type of doctor is best to see for herpes? Gynecologist, Dermatologist or Primary Care Doctor?

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Hi all.


I have been recently diagnosed with HSV2. Besides feeling very overwhelmed and daunted about the prospect of living with this I don't know who to go see for further treatment. I was tested at a walk in clinic and they told me to go see a gyeno for further treatment and discussions of suppressive therapy.


I don't have health insurance and am from Australia so don't have a regular doctor or gyeno yet. I have just recovered from my initial outbreak but still have what sounds like prodrome symptoms going on - itching, aches in my groin e.t.c but no sores anymore. Feel like I should get straight on suppressive therapy to see if I can get rid of these symptoms but obviously I'm hoping a doctor can advise me on that.


Any advice on who I need to go and see? Also is it usual to get straight on suppressive therapy or are you supposed to wait and see how bad and often your outbreaks are?

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Hello and Welcome!


I would suggest an OBGYN first - they see this stuff every day. Even so there's a lot of different teroeis/protocols out there so you may have to try a couple Drs to find the one that works best for YOU. Another option is a STD clinic... or Planned Parenthood (who may give you a break on the cost). Definitely don't do PC Dr ... they are usually the most uninformed... Dermatologists are hit or miss :/


Remember, Herpes is a SEXUALLY transmitted condition so the Dr who is likely to know the most is the one that deals with the organs associated with sex :)


As for getting straight on meds... it's a personal call, especially in a case like yours where it seems to me more irritating and not painful.... back in the days when I got it we didn't have the meds and we all goth through it one way or the other ... and there are different schools of thought about letting the body deal in it's own vs aiding it. Perhaps you may want to try L-Lysine first and see if it helps you given your health insurance status ... some people have really good luck with it and it's not expensive at all.



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Hi WCSDancer2010


Thanks for the welcome and for answering my question. I'll see if I can find an OBGYN or a doctor that deals with STDs specifically. I keep having prodrome symptoms but can't see any physical signs so feel like the suppressive therapy might help that. I're read a lot of stuff about Lysine and seems like a lot of doctors and experts don't believe it should be used as has no effect but sounds like you know people who have had success with it? I guess that would have no effect on reducing viral shedding though..?


Thanks again for your comments and the welcome. Feel so relieved to talk to anyone about anything to do with this.

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