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herpes outbreak healing time? valcyclovir vs. acyclovir?

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So in the summer I had an ob and I kept messing with it , neosporin, tea tree oil, calmoseptine, and honestly I feel like all that made it worse. This time I put tea tree oil on it once and left it alone n honestly it wasn't as painful. It has gone through the phases the scab has fallen off n now its kinda like a red sore. I guess I need to give that time to heal too. My sore always comes back in the same spot n its a terrible spot bc when I walk it rubs. But I think I got through the worst of it. I am trying to be positive and see that this time wasn't as bad... although it still was very uncomfortable and I literally feel like all I want to do is sleep. How long do you guys usually find the pain has fully gone away after the scab falls off? I want to be back to normal soon. Also I took 2g of valtrex a day. I just resigned from my job. Going to lose my insurance. Valcyclovir is very expensive w/out insurance so I am a little nervous about making the switch to acyclvr. However, I break through on the valtrex . Anyone have any experience with obs -valcyc. vs acyc. ? I know acyc is a lot cheaper without insurance.

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Well the tea tree oil needs to be cut with something like coconut oil or it will irritate the area, and some people have a bad reaction to neosporin (my father found kit kept a sore on his leg from healing for months ... he kept putting it on ... until the Dr told him to stop using it and it cleared right up :p ). So it's possible that you did irritate it with those products ;)


Yes - things need time to heal AND over time you will find things clear up more quickly. I can beat mine into submission within 2-4 days now.


As for meds - valcyclovir is basically acyclovir in a form that is absorbed more slowly so you only need 1 pill/day - so acyclovir should be fine - you just have to take it twice a day. And you should be able to get that pretty cheaply - many pharmacies have it on their list of low cost drugs if you sign up for their programs and also you can google "Discount prescription card" and get a card (free!) online that give you a big discount on most drugs.... also call around and see who hs them cheapest with whatever discount option you use :)

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Thanks Dancer, You always answer so quickly and informative. Thanks for the info. Its just a little frustrating because it seems this year has been the worst. I have had hsv2 for over 3 years. Maybe it is because I know I have it and am more attentive to it now. I just hope it eventually calms down. I know it could be worse but its just put a damper on many things for me. Bc even after the sore is gone I usual have residual pinching and pain which can really suck.... Going to a new dr on the 16th, he actually delivered me. So maybe he can offer me some better treatment for the post pain and give me a bit more insight. After the last outbreak I also started taking red marine algae. 3 pills a day from pure planet bc I heard it was an excellent anti viral... guess it isn't that good... I haven't gone a year without an OB. I just want to get through a year and then 2 ! That's my hope. Maybe someday. Also scared about planning things trips, outings etc .... bc I never know when one will strike. That's the major problem I have with this disease, I like to be in control and I'm not. What if I get married someday and boom here's an OB... I guess it is one day at a time but I truly can't help the what ifs that spring up in my mind. Wish there was a better treatment for the actual sore itself that really took all the pain away and made the duration shorter... but I am just thankful this time was not as bad as last. The sore is gone now but I still feel the pain . Hope it subsides soon. Nothing I can't deal with I guess. Thanks again for all your help.

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Well, stress is a HUGE factor and all the anti-virals won't help your body fight it if you are stressing alot because that compromises your immune system. And I still don't go a year without an OB if I'm not on meds but I DO control them a whole lot faster now.... to a point that it's just a nuisance now. As you get better at figuring out ways to control/knock OB's back down you will find that things like travel and such are not an issue :)


What if you get married and have an OB? Honey, there's TONS of discordant couples (one is H+ the other isn't) ... you just learn other ways to be intimate during those times. It actually gives you an excuse to learn other ways to get your freak on :)




http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/5807/list-the-ways-to-protect-my-partner-from-getting-herpes-hsv2 Safe alternatives to sex


That's the major problem I have with this disease, I like to be in control and I'm not.


Ahhhh - well there is the lesson for you in all this!!! Because life gets a whole lot better when you let go of the need to control everything :)

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