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I get this burning and itchy feeling on my chin. Is that herpes ?

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It may be a prodrome - a symptom that comes up when the virus is trying to activate .... and given that you recently acquired oral Herpes, odds are this is just a sign that your body is fighting the virus ... it doesn't mean it will come out there... it's just that the virus in hanging out in the nerve base that feeds that area of your face.

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Yes - HSV1 can cause nerve issues... it lives in the nerves and while your body is fighting it, odds are that it's irritating the nerves and making them inflamed. Are you on anti-virals? If not, you may want to try them for 3-6 months and then wean off and see if that helps ... also Vitamin B12 helps nerve issues and L-Lysine helps a lot of people with H.

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Well if it's on your tongue it's a canker sore ... which isn't herpes ... likely just caused by all the stress you are under..... and yeah - sucks when you get them in the mouth :(


Swish with salt water and take probiotics. If that doesn't work then you can use the alum that I recommend on them (just learned that today ... never thought to use it on canker sores but seems to make sense that it would work :) )




http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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I don't think what I had was a cold sore either now thank god . I don't think it was a canker sore either it didn't hurt . I cant really explain it and i don't have any pictures but it looked like blister like a little bloody scab. only lasted a day and no pain . I was gonna go to dermatologist but , right now I have nothing to show . i don't think herpes last a day to heal and if i did have it on my tongue I would guess it would hurt like hell

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