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Need to hear from someone similar to me..

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I was diagnosed on Sunday morning w/ genital herpes, along with my boyfriend. He had a cold sore and we ignored it and fooled around anyway.


Now here we are both on our first outbreaks- his is almost nonexistent. No pain, no fever, no aching all over, just a few tiny red bumps that don't hurt.. Then here I am, covered in blisters, pouring water on myself to pee, running a fever, unsure of what I'm even supposed to be doing. I have also been throwing up, which is confusing because it isn't listed as a symptom of an H outbreak.


From what I've read, female first outbreaks can get pretty bad...I just wanted to hear from a female who has gone through this, because at this point I really feel completely hopeless and lost, and I just need someone who understands what I'm going through. :(



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I'm not female, but my first outbreak involved blisters, fever, vomiting, tiredness, aches and pains, nerve shocks etc. Yet the girl I caught it off experienced nothing apart from a fever a few months before we met.


Take care of yourself and try your best to relax. Easier said than done.

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Hey there! I hope you get feeling better soon! My first OB was painful, but very manageable pain-wise with the exception of excruciating nerve pain in my left hip. There was one day where I was throwing up, too, but it's hard to say if it was H itself or all the medications I was taking (had a UTI, bacterial, AND yeast infection during my first OB...when I get one infection, I get at least one other lol).


Women's OBs are typically more severe than men's. While I have OBs every so often, my boyfriend is asymptomatic. Had I not had my first OB causing him to get tested, he would've likely never known since we didn't realize H wasn't included in our routine screenings we had. H is tricky since everyone reacts a little differently.

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Hello and Welcome!


I'm a 35 yr veteran and I can promise you it generally gets better ... for me, it's a very minor inconvenience that I can quickly get under control. I've had a few rough spells with it over the years usually thanks to stress ... so your first thing is to allow Herpes to be your "stress gauge" and do what you can to take care of yourself when you get outbreaks ... tho for the first few months to a year, things will be a bit less easy to control as your body is having to learn to fight the virus. If it comes to a point that you just can't get through the day (or you are just fed up) then look into the anti-virals option. You can also try L-Lysine - 1000mg/day ... it's a natural way to control it that helps for some people.


There's a lot of great suggestions in the links below... the Epsom Salts bath will probably help you a lot, as well as blow drying the area and maybe the Alum/Bactine/peroxide options (all of which help to dry it up)


Do know that this is something you just have to ride out and it *should* get better soon. So you know you have HSV1? How were you diagnosed? And if 'ts H1 for both of you, odds are the reason it's not so bad for him is that he already has antibodies from having the cold sore version already :/









Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





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