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Don't understand: Why haven't I ever had a herpes break out if I have herpes?

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Why haven't I ever had a break out if I have it. Just dingy understand if I have have why haven't I ever experience any thing. When I went to the fixture all she stuff is you have genital herpes but is inactive. So I asked do I beef medications and she tells me there isn't anything she can do until I get a break out. . And she can't tell me when I got it?? So I just don't understand??

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Hey, so unfortunately herpes is tricky, and not everyone will react the same way. I also do not have any 'typical' symptoms, as in no lesions or sores. So I also find it difficult to understand how it is affecting my body, but it's the nature of what it is. Consider yourself lucky that you are not dealing with the painful symptoms because a lot of people suffer daily with those and it can take a very big toll on someone emotionally and physically. That said, how were you diagnosed? Did they do a blood test? and if so, did you receive your antibody levels/numbers? Anything above 1.1 is considered positive, but there is a 40% chance of a false positive between 1.1 and 3.5.

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why haven't I ever had a break out. I just don't understand if I have it why haven't I ever experienced any symptoms. when I went to the doctor all she said was that I have genital herpes but it is inactive. so I asked the doctor do I need any medications to control it. she said no not until you become active or I have an outbreak. I just don't understand why if I have it then she can't tell me when I contracted this disease.

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Some people have symptoms, and many other people don't. We are called asymptomatic carriers... some people will NEVER experience symptoms, but carry the virus inside and can pass it on to other people through something called viral shedding. People without symptoms is very common, contributing to the statistic that 80% of people with genital herpes don't know they have it... because the symptoms are so minimal or have none at all. My symptoms, as far as i know, are tiredness and rundown feelings. if you are female, you might also have it internally in the cervix, which you can't see, and likely won't feel. There is plenty of information on this site to inform you.

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I think someone else would be better to weigh on on those results, but i am pretty sure that 1.1 and above is considered positive, and again, with 1.1-3.5 having a 40% chance of false positive. However, note that if it's a recent infection, those number can climb... it takes about 3-4 months to fully develop the antibodies... are you beyond this range since your last sexual encounter? Just something to factor in. You might want to wait until you are past that range to do another test, but you should definitely do another test. The 'best' herpes test is Western Blot, it tests for 14 different proteins in the herpes virus instead of 1 like the elisa igg. It will provide a more conclusive yes or no.

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ah, so there are numerous types of tests... if you want to be certain, get an Elisa IGG test, which provides the antibody levels (numbers). Not sure where you are, but in certain countries (ie Canada) that is not offered. If you are travelling to the US, you can get an Elisa IGG test at a private clinic or with the help of westover heights, or just do the western blot to be extra sure. Cause if you do the IGG and you fall in the false positive range, then you might want to do the western blot anyways.

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Sounds like you need a new Dr. Are you going to a GP or an OBGYN? Because GP's are often completely CLUELESS about herpes. Your Dr says they don't do numbers but you obviously DID have numbers because you posted them exactly as they show up.


**Big hint for women... don't go to your GP for ANYTHING to do with your genitals ... that's what OBGYN's are for ... they specialize in what happens there ... GP's don't keep up on all the latest stuff on women's bodies :/ **


I STRONGLY suggest that you get to an OBGYN or go to Planned Parenthood and get re-tested. With results like yours, I would assume you to be H- especially as you don't have symptoms ... and as @Positive said ... anything under 1.1 is usually considered negative and 1.1-3.5 has a 40% chance of being negative. So odds are your Dr gave you a wrong diagnosis....


NOW: Just so you know. 80% of people who have herpes DON'T KNOW THEY HAVE IT. They are asymptomatic carriers. The virus's ONLY job in life is to replicate and get passed on. Now, if everyone had outbreaks, it wouldn't be that successful because who wants to have sex when you have a lesion??? They HURT! So somehow the virus has developed to stay silent in most people ... and for reasons we don't understand, a small percentage of people end up with the many different symptoms that we associate with herpes. So, it IS entirely *possible* that you could have it and have no symptoms. AND.. the same goes for all your sexual partners ... so whatever happens, this is a great lesson for you to make sure your partners know to ASK for the herpes test because most STD panels DON'T include herpes.


In your case, I would *guess* you have been misdiagnosed. So get to an OBGYN or Planned Parenthood and get retested ... see what they say, then come back on here and we will help you if you have any more questions :)



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